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Version 1.29/1.30 of Warcraft 3 broke script optimization in Vexorian's Map Optimizer. Because there is no more war3patch.mpq file.

It still works as long as you uncheck these two options:

Map Optimizer VXJWTSOPT - optimize script or compress names with the latest WC3 patch is not advisable.png

I'll create an mpq file (tiny war3patch.mpq) with the required common.j & Blizzard.j files inside, to make the Optimizer work with scripts again.

Edit: Promised here as well:

Edit 2: Noticed your post above me, hi!
Originally Posted by WaterKnight
I try to enqueue this tool in a building sequence and since compiling and everything takes time, I would like to run it minimized to be able to work/do other things meanwhile without being interrupted by popping windows. My issue is that if you run the program via command line minimized on winXP (start /min VXJWTSOPT.exe), it does not seem to start processing the map until I maximize it for at least a brief moment.
Does this /min trickery help start it? As a workaround.
It pops up for a split second and instantly disappears.
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