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Originally Posted by Ammorth
hmm, I picked up the basics while setting up the PAS object merger lines. And then with the help of Earth-Fury on IRC and the bonusmod object merger shit, I did this.

Its kinda nice, cause now that I know how, I can do it for myself whenever I want =D
Yeah, that basically what I want too^^

- You should include text for the special buttons to explain what they are (head slot, cancel, drop item, etc).
Yeah, nice idea, thanks.

- If you make the items a player picks up consumable and consumed on pickup (think tomes), you can allow units to pickup items with all 6 slots occupied. Then, if there is a problem you can re-create the item (as if it wasn't picked up). The plus-side is you can use all 6 slots for potions. The downside is potions would need both a dummy item (the one that is picked up) and the item in thier inventory. If you allow to drop from the wc3 inventory (potions) you can detect that and replace the dropped item with its dummy item counter-part.
Yeah, I am afraid of the downside. Currently I wanna have it like that, and the Powerup module doesnt work correctly. So I have to use atleast 5 slots for now, while slots-1 slots can only be used.

Edit: Omg, I say year to often.
Edit2: Alright, released the new version. Thanks again, Ammorth!

Ps.) This may be offtopic, but do you think its good enough for too?
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