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So i finally got to play DoE a couple of times, and i must say that the map is pretty good. The arts are good, abilities are fine, everything works, everything fits, it feels quite finished.

But there are a couple of design choices that i really didnt get, and the balance seemed really off.

The first thing that got to be was the smallness of the entrances to the bases. The towers are so powerfull and spawnies are so plentifull at times that it gets really hard to get out of the chaos, allmost always resulting in rape. At some point i just descided to stay away from bases entirely and just rape spawnies that came out of it, letting my army do the sieging, and that cant really be an end-game situation you'd want.

This aside i found most of the directly availible items to be completely useless. All they really did for me was take up potion slots, wich are pretty much the better choice in any situation. I ended up just spamming my money into spawns all the time, wich is kind of an odd situation becouse i'd assume they should be an alternative and you aim for them to be used tactically.

Another thing i'd like to remark is that the darkranger i played on the bane side was extremely weak compared to the walking atom bomb i played on the order side. The biggest thing that couses this is that all her abilities have an extremely short cooldown, wich makes all of her abilities weak as shit. You end up bashing hotkeys to eventually deal some damage, but its so spread out its hard to have an impact. The DK paladin guy i head in my lane just laughed with his regenerative abilities, there was literally nothing i could do against him. The mute arrow is a cool find, but its too weak! along with her activatable and that abilitie, her mana drains completely within seconds, making her completely useless.

And whats with the random canonfire or whatver cancelling my potions? What the fuck?

All in all i started off pleasantly suprised at the quality of the map, but soon turned to a darker mood finding out that the balance still has a lot to be done. There where also a couple of lagspikes around the ultimates, you should see to someone optimising the effects on them so you can have the effect animation replace some of the running code. Hopefully.
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