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I would like to join. As a GUI Trigger Person
I have fairly good gui skills but I don't have any jass skills or AI Scripting skills. I also understand when its required to use some jass when you write GUI code.
I am not great with custom spells, But that's more for jass anyway. I am Fairly skilled at creating systems needed. The best example of my work would be the roller coaster project.
AI Scripting.I do know how to make AI useing the GUI. But not blizzards standard AI editor. I have never worked with a group on a map before (Besides icons or models i had help from others from)
My GUI Skills have come fast. because i know a bit of c# and c++

Also I have a good interest in these types of games. As i have played a few games of the same nature before. And enjoyed them.

Examples of my work.
Roller Coaster (Current Project) (Core 90% Done, Game modes 0%)
Tetris (A Fairly Complete Project, I have been told they could add to data base. But I still plan on doing some more work on it some day before it goes in)
Battle Trains! (In Abandon project. The project was overwhelming to me at the time. One of my first projects)
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