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Approved Map: PiratesSpell making session 3 winner

Default (12) Pirates [Pre-1.24]


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Name:	Pirates.gif
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ID:	8930Avast! Welcome to my first map fully written in JASS, Pirates!

Map Information

Shine your hook, swab the decks, and full speed ahead in this fast paced boat battle! Using your port and starboard cannons, along with useful power-ups, destroy your opponents before they send you to Davy Jones' Locker!
  • Use A / D to fire left/right cannons.
  • Gain special abilities by sailing over buoys.
  • Press the S key to use a powerup.
  • Mana represents your loaded cannons.
  • Press Esc to toggle camera modes.


You can download Pirates here: Pirates1.0.w3x (156.4kb)

Special Thanks

I would like to thank the following for their continued help:
  • PipeDream; your knowledge knows no ends, does it? Thank you for all your help on the movement and damage systems!
  • Anitarf; Pirates would still be hitting a Fatal Error every 5 minutes if it weren’t for your help, it was much appreciated.
  • RodOfNOD; thank you for all your effort and ingenuity, it helped me move in the right direction.
  •; you taught me JASS, and you helped me throughout the entire learning process. I’m proud to release my first fully JASS map - and I owe it to you. (Oh, and thanks for the help on that sexy loading screen!)
  • Blu_da_noob; always figuring out my stupid mistakes, what would I do without you? Thanks so much!
Also I would like to thank the following for the tons of tests, input, and assistance:
  • Chuckle_Brother
  • [Death]
  • Jacek
  • Rao_Dao_Zao
  • iNfraNe
  • Johnfn
  • Orc_Dork
  • GGCrono
  • Turkey_Slayer
  • PitzerMike
  • Datajax
And a final thank you everyone else who has beta tested this map throughout development.

Final Notes

Those of you whom have previous beta versions of this map, please remove them from your directories and only use this or later versions from this point on. Thank you.

Raise anchor, and set sail!
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