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Originally Posted by Bribe
@ Cohadar, here's a spell I wrote from last year which uses AutoIndex + AutoEvents so that it gets reincarnation events, on-birth events, etc:
That is not a spell, that is a whole custom system.
I have no intention of browsing through 10 different triggers and 5000 lines of code just to prove a point.
I am sure there are simpler examples that use both AutoIndex + AutoEvents.

Originally Posted by Anitarf
That's a key difference, though. AutoIndex is both faster and has more functionality thanks to it. This isn't even a case of different approaches having different strengths, AutoIndex is absolutely better.
You should know by now that just claiming something to be faster does not automatically makes it so. Benchmarks often prove surprising.
(And I have very strong doubts when comparing code sizes of Autoindex and PUI)

It is AutoEvents that has more functionality, not AutoIndex, you are mixing stuff here.
And I still claim that functionality is just a fluff.
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