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Originally Posted by Anitarf
I don't see how this would be better than simply using a HandleTable. The argument of speed is not really convincing when your GetUnitIndex function is not inline friendly.
HandleTable does not provide array indexes at all, just storage without any unit-removed detection.
Autoindex function can be inline friendly because it uses enter-map event and creates indexes there, PUI creates indexes when you ask for them. It is the same amount of work just done in two different places.

Originally Posted by Anitarf
For me, the index/deindex events are the main selling point of indexing systems, since they allow you to easily do automatic creation and recycling. Without even that, I don't know what this script is supposed to do.
Maybe an example will help, please post some spell that uses Autoindex events and I will recode it with PUI so we can compare.
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