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Originally Posted by BBQ
there is no "space" for different indexers in a single community -- and I can't help but agree with him.

Oh I knew chances of approval were in low percents when I posted this.
It is just a matter of principle for me to try.

I have long ago realized that all systems I make are always better than alternatives.
This has something to do with objective nature of human beings,
but still I would feel bad if I did not try to share my code with other people and assure them in the error of their ways.

I was reading this:

and realized that not only that unit indexing does not need support for structs (those idiotic module stuff), it also does not need any textmacros (like PUI_PROPERTY)

In the end, the only thing you need is an integer and a struct that extends array.
You don't need any events for this at all.
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