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This should have optional support for hashtable.

The "create" method leaks indices in some cases in DEBUG_MODE. To fix this you can revise it (and shorten it) to:
Collapse JASS:
    static method create takes unit whichUnit returns UnitIndex
        local UnitIndex index 
        // check for invalid unit handle
        debug if GetUnitTypeId(whichUnit) == 0 then
        debug     call BJDebugMsg("|c00FF0000ERROR: PUI - Index requested for invalid unit")
        debug     return 0
        debug endif
        set index = UnitIndex.allocate()
        set index.u = whichUnit
        call SetUnitUserData(whichUnit, index)
        return index

Why using a trigger for the timer, instead of just a normal timer?

PUI_PROPERTY is nice... if you are using just ONE piece of data. I don't even think it has a purpose otherwise.
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