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I gave it a try, seemed very impressive.
All the models/skins/icons/sounds and features made it look awesome.

However as said above its very difficulty to see whats going on, there are lots of trees and grass that blend in with each other and the enemies are often extremely difficult to spot.
Through out the game my marine kept opening fire, I could only tell which direction by the model animations.

We grouped up were easily holding out and suddenly half the team explode? Difficult to see what hit us. I survived a few minutes later a unit appears that was incredibly strong i.e. 5 seconds fire did about 5% of his HP in damage, well thats me gone.

I REALLY appreciate difficulty and extreme need of teamwork, but its most cases its hard to see whats going on.
Maybe increase the size of the models slightly? Make the enemies more visible I think it would improve it alot.

I like the ideas of the community and forming friends/teams/clans but most players on the bnet are incredibly retarded and often dont speak english. When you cant host a game again and again public for fun, the game ends up loosing it's appeal quickly.
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