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I guess, the recolor method is much slower than SetUnitVertexColor(u, red[a], green[a], blue[a], alpha[a]), if much slower means 0.1%? or 1% or 100%?.
300%+ (for sure.) ...

There's something you are missing greatly and it is that not everybody wants to spend 2 or 3 years making a map,
if you talking "about me" (TcX) so... i start it april 2007 and released 1.00 18 aug 2007. so well 4-5 months. a full custom map (which does offer many unique features for war3.) ofc it's not mega optimized but it really decent coded. and i made the full map by my self. (some art was made by some guys but the most part by me, for example all billboard icons...)
Your theory fails. (2-3 years lol...)
the guys with X long projects are Dreamers an loosers. they simply don't see wha they phail... a good map maker know which work he can complete.
(you may think i am a theorizer but it's wrong. I allways try to analise the task before i begin it and if i begin it so i "exactly" know how to realise it. otherwise i will not start it.)

ONCE AGAIN. it's fine post this "system" in scripting section as "feature" and thats it. it's nice and there are some stuff for discussion.
but to post it as a submission... n/c.
+ if so just upload it to the resource db and . you are admin here so no one will realy care about. (me inluding)

the problem is creating the circus.

oh damn ! the best solution ever ! post it in you sub forum "Vex spell and etc". It will make much sense =) but ofc it's your decission.

"It doesnt matter how this code is written, it does matter how this code does work" ... algorithm logic > all.

thats all imo ofc you can ignore it =)
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