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Is there going to be private/public global variable OOP support?? what I mean is like right now to use public struct variables I must work it like this.
Collapse JASS:
function InitIncArg takes nothing returns nothing
    set KillUnit = IncType.create()//these all work fine
    set KillHero = IncType.create()
    set Construct = IncType.create()
    set TrainUnit = IncType.create()
    set Outpost = IncType.create()

    set KillUnit.Value = 1.0/10 //Not a struct name, nor a variable function of a struct type
    set ResourceSystem_KillHero.Value = 1.0/5
    set ResourceSystem_Construct.Value = 1.0/30
    set ResourceSystem_TrainUnit.Value = 1.0/20
    set ResourceSystem_Outpost.Value = 50.0

Just a question, nothing more.

btw thanks for the fixes in version 0.9.2 I always appreciate/enjoy your work and promptness fixing problems.
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