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Originally Posted by Yrth
I remember that all objects (or are they called handles?) leak unless you specifically set them to null. are wc3 arrays an object?
Not sure what you mean by that. In WC3, arrays are static as declared in the script, you can't dynamically allocate them like objects.

The event for "when a unit enters a rect" -- does that actually just have a full list of all rects with this event attached to them and then periodically check to see what units are newly inside of them?
It seems to work that way, yes.

does wc3 have multiple threads? how are all clients kept to the same thread(s) (the host im guessing)?
No idea what you mean by this.

Is there anyway to directly access the data structure representing the terrain of a map?
There is a native function that lets you read the terrain type at the given coordinates, yes.

(this is a big one) say i define a struct that will serve as a template for maze elements and it has as a member variable some code. this code will be run whenever a player is within that element, how that happens doesn't matter. when i create a new instance of that struct will it duplicate the code variable as i would expect or instead provide a reference to the original?
You can't declare code arrays, so you can't have code members in structs (since vJass structs are array-based). You can use function interfaces instead, which are references.
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