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I know this tutorial has been up a while, I momentarily come on and off to check and to read and clearify things when I get rusty with triggers, but I also noticed 1 thing and I think it should be included in this tutorial. When converting to jass it is important that you know if your trigger is "Initially Turned ON" or not [this can be spotted by checking the checkmark beside "Initially on" which is located above the "Comment" section], because after you convert to jass I highly doubt there is a way to change the trigger to enable/disable, Of course you can always undo and everything, But if your trigger is not running Try to check to see if the Paper icon outline is faded gray or not, and you should always make a back up gui incase of this or other errors. Otherwise you'd have to include another trigger just to turn that trigger on or off again.

Enable, and Initially On are both different.

Enable means Letting the trigger to be used in the game, and disabling it will take it out of the game (Means it can never be used wether turned on or off)

Initially On means the trigger is turned on from the start, Unchecking this will allow the trigger to be turned off from the start.

Thx for this tutorial I learned much out of it!.

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