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Well in that case, seeing as I have aldready played this map several times over, I think I can give a fair feedback:
  • As far as TDs go this is a rather creative one, with a good solid amount of towers and combinations, and the towers were very creative, some having special abilities. It gives a wide variety and therefore increases it's re-playablitity.
  • I thought the leak system was very original as well, you get a 2nd chance at monsters that leaked, and they get a 2nd chance at you :P.
  • The terrain was not great, it was rather simple, and the cliffs didnt look too good, there werent many doodads either. Now I know that it is hard to make good TD terrain, but it is possible, this is something I feel you should imrpove on.
  • Near the end I kinda got lost with what to do with my extra lumber, spending it on other elements seemeda waste since I wouldnt get the 6 needed for the combined element tower thing, and interest increase was far too low for me to justify putting points into.
  • Near the end, heros in hero mode got annoying, new ones were too low level. You might want to consider asking the player if he wants to accept the heros.
  • Mammoth towers were overpowered I think 6 second stun? That is incredibly invaluable, llike multiplying all damage stats 2 fold and if you have a few of them, well that's the game right there.
  • I thought balance was well done, with a few exceptions in hero mode but I understand those will be fixed.
  • There were little or no JASS or triggered hero ablities, I would like to see more of those but it is hard to implement in a TD.
  • What I like about Element TD is while it's a pretty good map, it's also well-liked on bnet so that makes it more playable, which for me is an issue.
  • You should give locust to the elements you've "captured?" and are displayed on that cliff thing, looks tacky when u can click on them.
  • You should let us know how much towers cost that we cant yet build, so that newbies dont rush an element, leak him 3 times and find out he doesnt have enough gold to build his new towers.

Now I have listed a lot of issues, but I also think the map is very fun to play for a TD, it does have originality in it, which is always an issue with TD maps and fun to play single or multiplayer.

I'm going to approve this map, seeing how hard Karawasa is working on it and his dedication to it, and looking forward to further releases addressing what I have mentionned
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