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Hey man, i retyped my orignal post, and i am using proper punctuation, what more do u want?

And please stop trying to tell me that a "sigh" is not a sigh. Google "define:sigh" then you can come back to the forum, and admit ur defeat, and make a sigh if u want. Or check any dictionary, and dont tell me its slang or neologism or anything else...

Also, dont beleive about global warming just because someone tells u too, look at the facts, look at what you can see. For me in Australia a few of things i see is, this year we had the hottest summer, and the warmest winter on record, also the least rainfall, as has been the trend for 10 years before, also the seasons are melding together, and moving further later in the year. This means sum serious mumbo-jumbo is happening. But just think for ur self, see if u can find some evidence around u.

So i guess Tuskarrs will get added soon, yes?
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