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Default Tuskars are cool

Hey, hi to all the admin and moderators, and to anyone else who reads this thread, u guys are doing a great job by the way, i just had a little tiny suggestion; i was just wondering if the Tuskarr race might be added to the list of "favourite races" in your profile section, because i consider them to be quite important, and a very dynamic race. It would be much appreciated if you consider my request, and im sure BBDino would agree with me on this next point, could you please try not to sigh very often? and hang out in a warm environment, and avoid physical and mental exertion, so you dont generate as much body heat. And also, this suggestion is directly from BBDino to Tim, could u please reduce the size of the Wc3C servers hard drive, as BBDino feels it is causing globabl warming.
Thank you very much!


EDIT: to be made more polite (from BBDinos suggestions.)
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