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Since you talk some about maths in the tutorial

Actually, my dad helped me on that, but nevermind. Don't worry, as I'll take a look at all of this later, and I will understand it and implement it in the tutorial.

Dunno if it adds any performance; but it feels better without the trig-functions :)

Yeah, I tend to that too. In Daelin's tutorial it is explained how to make movement towards a point without trig funcs, I will take a look at that too. It probably doesn't make any difference, since the trig funcs are just called at the beginning of the function.

EDIT: I decided not to make that improvement because it would really take many units to make the already existing code lag, I don't think it would make much difference if I do that. If people are complaining that the code is laggy, then I will implement it (as soon as I figure it out).
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