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Isn't this double-posting?

I think you should mention in the tutorial that PausedUnits also have the duration of their buffs paused. This is critical if you script a spell and want the effect to stop when the buff goes away. That is otherwise a very convenient way of coding; because it will automatically stack with purge/dispel/etc.

I'll add that in about an hour.

Item Check
As far as I know; items can slip through very small spaces. For instance; if you have a single line of trees diagonally aligned; the item check might let a unit pass through there. I'd check some adjacent locations with the item too.

I was just trying to prevent the unit to get stuck in the trees.

Originally Posted by Me
Only if there was no decay in the knockback...


At least in this tutorial, the angle is constant. If it's a linear movement; what prevents you from adding decay-x and decay-y? (thus avoiding angle-storage)

This is the part I don't understand. Can you please explain it? And your attachment, delta x/delta y is the distance how much the unit moved, right? Then it is not constant.

Anyways, isn't this one of those tiny performance improvements that actually don't change anything since the code is efficient enough? But since I want to make it perfect, I want to understand what you're trying to tell me.
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