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Most of the times the guy with more hit points will win
well i dont want single units (except kings / aznereth) to have a high chance of wiping out 2 units in a direct row. its not of much use to attack enemy units which are covered (unless u desperately need more sp). instead u slay them at the right time when the enemy cant counter and place ur hurt unit on a healing field. if thats not possible retreat it to slowly profit from the hp regen per round which applies only for lvl2 and 3.
however, if u consider the customised armor and attack types and place some levelups in a good way u should be able to win with an injured unit. happened countless times before :)

Also goblins that explode on dead should show a warning before doing the damage
i dont quite get the point of that... no matter if u know it or not: it doesnt change the outcome of the battle. its also obvious that a level3 unit is somehow stronger than its level2 form...

Also don't call the turtles submarines. In wc2 they were called sea turtles
ur right about this, i'll rename them for next version :) as for attachment i'll c what i can do but i wont put much effort in it.

if u tent not to have enough time at start to enter modes: simply pause the game. also u should be able to enter the commands while the other players lag. i dont want to extend the initial time any further the whole game time is already long enough.

the goblin field attack might be not as good as other field attacks. but you dont HAVE to use it :P i recommend only to use it after placing the cocktail bombers on a healing field. btw the damage is actually hp loss: it cant be reduced by armor / resistances.
-> i think i'll buff it up for 50 instead of 40.

in general i understand your complainings about balance, but its very hard to do anything about it without being spammed by "imba"-cries from other ppl. after all i get those in all directions: too weak AND too strong for the same race at the same day... well i dont want to give up the unique advantages and disadvantages of the different races but im trying my best to slowly improve the general balance. radical changes might mess it up quite fast though.
anyway, i guess i'll weaken aznereth (once again ._.) as nobody ever complains about him being too weak. but remember: the outcome counts! if u summon aznereth ur usually focused by 3 other players ruining ur chance to win...

edit: thx for feedback btw ^^
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