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Approved Map: Dungeon Master MOD

Default (12) Dungeon Master MOD [Pre-1.24?]

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The Dungeon Master MOD (DM MOD) is a Warcraft III Modification (or add-on) that allows you to create a unique story and play it as the Dungeon Master (in D&D terms). This means that you will be the director of the game, make up the story, the gameplay, and the rules.

The DM (Dungeon Master) controls all aspects of the game except for the other players, like creating units or items, changing music, creating weather effects, or taking control of NPCs. All is driven through a dialog button interface or through quick commands, as you wish. Simply apply the mod to your own terrain/object data, play with the settings, and you're good to go!

You should download to see what is it about. This is not an action type mod, it's a complex mod that requires planning, coordination and patience. It includes a good bunch of manuals that if you plan on play it usually, I recommend you to print the main ones.

Practice is the secret of this mod, so I also recommend you to play it alone (setting CPU as a player) and practice with it a lot.

Once you are used to it, you can do WHATEVER you want in a story, it brings you the power of a story director for a role-play game with your friends. Please note, however, that this is a very old project, and I am sure it is not up to today’s standards. However I only hope that it can help someone in their DM endeavors. (There are some known bugs with TFT maps, I apologize however this was not designed for TFT. The engine itself should be useable, however.)

  • DM MOD Installer
  • Reference Manual (12 pages .doc)
  • 5 Demo maps (You must install the DM MOD on them via the Installer)
  • All necessary JASS files
  • Several Manuals:
    • Character Creation Data File
    • Character Creation Guide
    • Dungeon Master Guide
    • Item List Guide
    • Unit List Guide
    • Special Effect Guide
    • Tips & Tricks
Legal Note:

Modding or editing the files included in the pack of the DM MOD in order to be redistributed is not permitted. You are free to edit them for your personal project, but do not redistribute your own version without my agreement. (Regardless if you credit me) I released it open source, in JASS form, so that others can see how I made the DM MOD and learn, do not abuse this freedom.


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Make sure to run Setup.bat in the NeededControls folder of this zip before doing anything else!

Have fun, DM and players alike!

- mikititan
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