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Hi Anitarf, thanks for the input and help, I didn't want to get yelled at for double posting ha ha ha (also the reason why I decided not to reply until I've tried absolutely every option first). Which brings me to my failure...

I still can't seem to get it to work. As I said I tried every combination of spacing and format but this code won't give me an increase in the integer for some reason. Here is my last code snippet before I gave up and ran back here for help:
Collapse JASS:
elseif assister[1] != null and assister[2] == null and assister[3] == null and assister[4] == null and assister[5] == null and assister[6] == null and assister[7] == null and assister[8] == null and assister[9] == null and assister[10] == null and assister[11] == null and assister[12] == null then
        call DisplayTimedTextToForce(f, 10, GetPlayerNameColored(pd) + " " + AssistanceSystem_DeathMessage() + " by " + GetPlayerNameColored(pu) + " " + AssistanceSystem_AssistMessage() + " " + GetPlayerNameColored(assister[1]) + " !")
        if bg[1] and bounty then
            call FadingTextSingle(assister[1], s[2], 255, 220, 0, GetUnitX(d), GetUnitY(d), 0.03, 2, 5)
            call SetPlayerState(assister[1], ConvertPlayerState(1), GetPlayerState(assister[1], ConvertPlayerState(1)) + gold / 2)
            set udg_AssistCount[i]=udg_AssistCount[i]+1

The AssistCount won't increase. WHYYY won't it argh.
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