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or the GroupEnum call, it's more efficient to just do everything in the enum callback and never add the units to the group in the first place
could you please show me what you mean?
not like something elaborate, just a short example... with a comment or two

As you guessed, attaching structs to timers is the way to go.
so to attach a struct I literally just do
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call SetTimerData(t, myStruct)
and then to call a method for that struct all I'd need to do is
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call GetTimerData(t).methodName

or you could use a FirstOfGroup loop instead of ForGroup
I'm guessing to do this I'd enumerate all the units into the group and then do a loop calling the function for the first of group and then removing the first from the group.
Could I do:
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exitwhen FirstOfGroup(g) == null
or would I have to use:
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exitwhen IsUnitGroupEmpty(g)
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