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Thanks guys, I managed to circumcise the first problem by first renaming my own global var and then referring to that for the actual trigger. It seems to be working...

And as for the second question, that snippet worked, I only want to register 1 unit per player anyway (which is what the script allows anyway).

I do have another question in this subject, I want to add a value to a player's integer for when he successfully assists, like I have done for kills/deaths. I guess I should insert a code somewhere in the script for when the " assister[*] != null " but it won't take/register the input. Perhaps it's because I'm a JASS newbie and I might have coded it wrong...
Here's what I wrote:
Collapse JASS:
            set udg_AssistCount[GetConvertedPlayerId(assister[1])] = ( udg_AssistCount[GetConvertedPlayerId(assister[1])] + 1 )

As you can see I'm still thinking in GUI and that might've been the problem?
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