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Originally Posted by Matarael
1. I have my own "announcement" function for when a unit kills a Hero unit, complete with Hero name and team colour. I am trying to use mine instead of the one inside this script I linked but when I alter the function it gives me a bunch of errors ("Expected a name" errors).
2. I am supposed to use this function:
Remove any lines that have
Collapse JASS:
call DisplayTimedTextToForce()
and (optionally, thought recommended because they're no longer needed) remove the GetPlayerNameColored() function from the 'Needed Functions' list, and the three constant functions at the top of the main script.
Custom Script: call AssistanceSystem_Register(unit)
To register units created later in the game to the Assistance system but where the hell do I put this trigger because it kept asking me that it "Expected a function name".
How are units created later in the game? If you're creating them in GUI,
Collapse JASS:
call AssistanceSystem_Register(bj_lastCreatedUnit)
will add the last created unit to the system.
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