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ok I have this simple spell that just modifies the received damage of the targeted unit to deal more damage, but I'm just confused if I still need to this function function RunDamageModifiers takes nothing returns real
If I need to call that function, then where should I call it?
The spell code:
//! zinc
library BOY requires AutoIndex, SpellEvent, DamageModifiers, TimerUtils{
    constant integer spell = 'A01I';
    constant string sfx = "Abilities\\Spells\\NightElf\\Barkskin\\BarkSkinTarget.mdl";
    struct boyDamage extends DamageModifier{
        integer l;
        method onDamageTaken(unit c, real dmg)->real{
            return dmg*(0.13*l);
    struct data{
        unit u;
        effect fx;
        real ctr;
        boyDamage dm;
        method onDestroy(){
            ctr = 0.0;
    function act(){
        unit c = SpellEvent.CastingUnit;
        unit u = SpellEvent.TargetUnit;
        timer t = NewTimer();
        data d = data.create();
        d.u = u;
        d.fx= AddSpecialEffectTarget(sfx,u,"origin");
        d.ctr = 0.0; boyDamage.create(u,0); = GetUnitAbilityLevel(c,spell);
            timer t = GetExpiredTimer();
            data d = GetTimerData(t);
            if(d.ctr >= 8.0 || GetWidgetLife(d.u) <= 0.405){
            d.ctr += 0.035;
            t = null;
        t = null;
        u = null;
        c = null;
    function onInit(){
//! endzinc
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