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I been noticing special styles of spells and all is there an ability or such that can inflict more damage from behind or possibly one where when your stealthed you deal more damage.... would be great for an assassin style character.

If you want someone with an army of Ideas I can list ya out a ton lol.

If you want to request a spell, please reply to this thread with the following (Do not send us PMs!):
•A name for your spell (Bloodstrike)
•The number of levels you spell should have 3
•What the spell should do Higher damage when Stealthed and chance to do extreme crits when attacking from behind. Or Higher crits when stealthed.
•The tooltip of the spell (else I will just make one up) A skill of the Assassin's, Bloodstrike is known to fell even the stronger of foes if used correctly.
•If you would like the spell in GUI or JASS Either don't care as long as I can import it easily lol.
•If the spell needs to be MUI or not Again dunno I leave that up to you coders.
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