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thanks for the advices, ill try it out!
oh they have pressure sensitivity too? only thought it was for the feeling and precision people used tablets :). justifices my newbness in the matter :) been thinking on getting a tablet but as they are quite expensive ill have to wait for my economy to improve.
I could ofc do as you suggested and get a second hand tablet but im the kind of person that wants the best/new things or nothing. (bad habit). But perhaps worth looking into it.
As im going to start studying soon and am torn between art and programming i have decided to do some intense artwork to see if i have any potential, else ill just stick with programming.
And from what i have read/seen there are some talented people here so might aswell try and get some feedback here aswell :)

But in the meantime ill just try to improve my shading, as i find it easier to see/do/fix with color than just grayscaled (penīnīpaper) even with a mouse.

EDIT: talked with some people i know about tablets but they all recommend the 900euro+ tablets (wacom mostly) and that is..well :) anyways as im just after "starter pack" i looked through the net a bit and found this to be the most interesting: WACOM Bamboo A6
So basicly, is this an ok tablet or is it just crap?
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