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There's a section in the vJass Manual of the JassHelper about that topic. They contain prefix strings of the current scope.
Did you ask for PALADIN, too? PALADIN is a global constant value from the file.
I will see what I can find about that.

In your war3x.mpq file or in the JNGP or JassHelper archive, I think.
I found something in JassCraft, I will try using it xD

I was just writing about:
I don't know if that will be possible. I already use that syntax to fold regions, there is a hight chance Kate may conflict. I will make a few tests and post the results.

You are not really saying you have never seen those files before?
I am saying that.

Version 1.2 is under progress.


Ok guys, new version released. Added many new highlight features as requested by Barade (I think I added them all, if not, please correct me and let me know the files missing) and fixed a few bugs as reported by Vexorian.

Version 1.20 is out, please read changelog for more information.

PS: I am very happy that the Vexorian is actually considering using this tool made by me and leaving gVim =D

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this new version.
Btw, rep++ for Barade and Vexorian for giving me feedback (I wanted to do this a long time ago, but I just keep forgetting it xD )

EDIT:Sry Vex, it looks like I have to spread some rep before I can give it to you again =(
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