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Originally Posted by Flame_Phoenix
??? Those are not highlighted in JNGP ... besides I never heard of them neither I know what they are for xD
There's a section in the vJass Manual of the JassHelper about that topic. They contain prefix strings of the current scope.
Did you ask for PALADIN, too? PALADIN is a global constant value from the file.

Originally Posted by Flame_Phoenix
Sounds an interesting idea.

Where are those files available ?
In your war3x.mpq file or in the JNGP or JassHelper archive, I think.

Originally Posted by Flame_Phoenix
I don't get it,please elaborate your idea with na example.

I will see what I can do now with the requests.
I was just writing about:
Collapse JASS:
//! textmacro Bla takes YOU
    //foldable place
//! endtextmacro

and maybe things like:
Collapse JASS:
//! inject main
     //foldable place
//! endinject
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