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Originally Posted by Archian
I use the standard World Editor that comes along with TFT and RoC :P
Not any fancy modifications, but I supose I should move on to that, eh?

Don't worry, you won't even know you are using a fancy editor if you use Grimoire. It runs and looks exactly the same. JNGP is more powerful, but it is not GUI friendly. For example, Abriko reported that opening the variable editor caused a crash:

So I don't recommend JNGP for you. You do not need the UMSWE part of JNGP that Moyack suggested to override limits, Grimoire can also do it.

Also, suggestion: from your screenshots, it looks like you have quite a few trees packed in quite closely. May I suggest increasing their pathing size? Go to the doodads part of the object editor, find the tree you are using, go to pathing map, double click, and then in the third bar change the part that says "4x4" to "6x6". That makes it so you don't have to pack so many trees in. Also, when you do that, it won't move any of your existing trees even if they are too close (for example, you won't find what was once your forest in the middle of your bases), but if you move a tree or place a new one it will follow the new pathing rules. It's a great way to lower your doodad count.
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