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That picture was meant to point out that uploading it would be unrealistic.
For many reasons don't expect anything soon.

A. 1.71gb is far above my upload limit. I can upload at probably 10kb/s at best, and that would make my internet unusable. Where would I upload such a large pack at any rate?

Well, if you've got almost everything, then there's probably a few of my old items in there that I'd rather were not perpetuated. If you spot them, I'd thank you to omit them from your uploading.
Problem is, there are lots and lots of those. This is my personal archive, not my giant folder full of stuff to share.

I wouldn't worry too much about authors; we can just put "Not made by me, compiled by Jazradel" in the credits if need be.
Wouldn't even some close to satisfying the authors.

D. I have countless copywrite violations, models ripped from WoW, Quake, Neverwinter Nights, etc.

E. I don't like releasing such an unorganised and incomplete pack. I haven't updated from samods or that russian site for age and I never got any models off, or

And the 90% figure was totally made up, I've just download every good model I've seen since I started world edit for the first time. I know I skipped some bad ones, and I have no doubt there are sites out there I haven't seen.

I'd be much happier taking individual model requests, or particular races.

I attached what Faceless units I have organised, which isn't very many.

Edit: Apparently I won't be attaching the Faceless, I keep on getting a failed message.

Jump Map
Point System
Warcraft III Model Archive

W3 Model Archive should be available from, PM me if it doesn't work.
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