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Approved Map: Warlords[Quicksilver #2] - 1st Place


Originally Posted by Shadow_killer
If i play a map where i am supposed to be evil and everyone is against me i should stand a chance with my team mate being retarded.

Whoever said the barbarians were evil?

And games where you're in a team, you depend on your teammate. That's the way it is.

The problem is if i take over the fort and charge blue. Grey have his hero and some units back. Teal and Red use this chance to attack me and take over blue. Now i lost all my units and made 1 player stronger and grey have hes fort back.

Don't let the fort fall back. The barbs have enough strength to take on all the warlords and the imperials.

The problem is when i got an huge army i dont get any gold. So i dont really have any gold left to mass an army. So all i can do is to wait to get some gold and watching grey and the warlords get stronger while i am getting weaker.

Or you can attack when you have a huge army? Income is there to encourage attacking rather than endless massing.

If a warlord is at the fort how the hell should i attack a warlords base then?


And if i try to knock out a control point another player just attacks me. I dont really have any supreme gold income. I have the same income as a freaking warlord.

Warlord units of the same cost get absolutely slaughtered by barberian units.

Noticed that the warlords and imperials could build ballistas and trebutches, Why cant the barbarians build some uber siege units?

Because they don't need to. Get ogres up close and they shred towers.

Also how can the ballista not shoot over a rock but true a tree?

Because it can.

And the loading screen text has an error "Imperials : Defeat the barbarians, However you can" You can what?

It's a subordinate clause to the first part.

How long range does the ballista have? It seemed it could hit teals units from red base without a problem

Its strength deteriorates with range.

Im guessing you are using share units at start because you are lazy and dont want to trigger the taker over for units and gold when the barb leaves right?

You'd be guessing wrong. It gets re-enabled when the barb leaves. The n-th time of a barbarian ally going AFK at the start of the game might tell you why it's there.
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