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Approved Map: Warlords[Quicksilver #2] - 1st Place


Originally Posted by Shadow_killer
I used my tactic in the beginning, but it dident really work that well. It worked so far that i could take down greys first outpost and attack blue or the curch outpost. But if i tried going further my units were eliminated by 4 players.

See below.

And you cant have this of on default because? Its quite hard when you end up with someone from french with only says 1 one word in english and then dont care about anything in the rest of the game. And when having blue, teal and grey attacking your army and killing it in no time its really easy. Tell me what you would do?

Hope to god he leaves? If half your team in a team game based on strategy is retarded, you're pretty much screwed, don't you think? If you weren't, then the balance of the game would be off, rather than the other way around.

I meant catapults. If i remember right dident barbs used to start with 1 catapult? Or some other siege unit?

Not that I can remember, and certainly not in a long time.

I felt it was easier defending a 2 way place then a 1 way place

You need to strike out to make headway, and that is helped by having the fort. Once you start making headway, then the warlords become weaker and weaker, with a snowball bringing the game to an end in quick time.

I werent in my base i were at greys outpost. And when i killed greys units with the help from my mates units i tried to attack someone but ended up getting killed. And when i tried to attack grey took over the outpost again.

Don't let them retake the fort. If they do, mass and attack it asap, before they can get towers up, if you can.

Unit spamming got me somewhere. If my mate werent 6 years old and could have done something i would have won. Tell me some uber strategy moves griffen.

I tend to play barbs solo for that reason, for that reason. Uber strategies? Depends on the situation. Dimensionalists can be excellent for attacking warlords. If one warlord is bolstering the defences in the fort for example, then attacking his base with a medium sized force will probably be worth it to draw him off to attack the fort; if he doesn't come, then you just knock out his control points and leave him weak.
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