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So long time since i tried this map. Just tried it on bnet and played as barbarian and dident like it at all. I tried the map for like 15-20 minutes after that i left cause i could never win and i dident want to spend an hour playing a map. This is just my 5 cents.


- Share units at start, REALLY BAD. If anyone wants to use it they will klick it. My team mate was retarded and dident want to uncheck this so i got frustrated when i tryed to select my units and got his units to
- No siege units (If i remember right the barbs used to have it in the early version)
- Really boring as a barb. I just spammed that cheap 6 gold unit and when i had lots of gold and no food i spawned that ogre, nothing else to do
- Killing greys first base dident really seem to do anything to his gold income
- Really hard to kill any wardlord, directly i attacked a gold point and got it down and moved to the next another player came with a huge army and took it over and killed my units. And when the only thing grey did was to charge his old base with his hero and his units i could nearly only defend. It was like play this map for 40 mins and you will be able to do anything. But until that you have to defend from grey


- It is really funny to play as a warlord since you got so much more to do and can charge player at start thanks to your towers
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