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The basic premise of the Game is that you, the player, fight to take over land and keep ‘barbarians’ at bay. Although this concept is, somewhat, seen in most mainstream maps; Warlords twists this to actually involve tactics and brings new meaning to the term ‘risk’.

The game involves taking over ‘control points’ and spawning units in order to defend yourself, you’re never given vision of other players and they’re never given vision of you; so you don’t really know what they’re up to. At one moment you could be fighting against a given person only for your ally to counter attack and destroy your base.

Unlike most strategy maps, this one doesn’t rely on the, what I would call, ‘MASS DIS UNIT FOR TEH WINZOR’ approach; each unit has a counter part and your well planned strike can be debunked almost immediately. Which takes me onto my next point; action. Although most strategy maps contain 90% waiting and only 10% of fighting, this one seems to contain an equal mix. You’re never not doing anything, and moments are rare in which you’re either not being attacked or, on the other hand, launching your own attack.

The terrain, of all things in an action/strategy map, is beautiful. Things aren’t oddly placed; there are no free running (I.E ‘I-Can-Run-Through-This-Area-And-Bug-Up-The-Game-Syndrome) bugs, nor are any doodads oddly placed. The only thing, if any, that is slightly off is the fact that people can shoot through rocks; although that isn’t a massive problem.

However, I never give perfect scores and wouldn’t be much of a critic if I did. Maps always have a flaws and, sadly, this one is no exception to the rule. However few there maybe. Although, with that said, the only real problem I could find is that some spawns are stronger than others -- a gibbon, in all honesty -- and all this means is that some Warlords start off with stronger spawns. It really has no detrimental long-game effects, as no doubt they’ll get attacked by two people in no time.

All in all, I really, really enjoyed playing this map. Warlords provides, regardless of your favourite map style, good fun. It’s the map in which others follow. It’s the map which others want to be. This map is, undoubtedly, great.
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