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Thanks, Voi gave me room not to double post!

We played yet again, I can't get enough of Uthers!

- Archery needs something more. I know someone already said it but they are right, maybe you should make it quick like most points within one minute and you can hit whenever you want etc. That way you are forced to go quick and not aim super crazy.

- In the Deminsional game (blades and teleporting people) I'd have to say this is my most favourite mini-game from any map i've ever played. The only problem is that not only do noobs not understand but it's too easy for people to just camp and mess everyone else up. My suggestion is to have no spot where people can be always safe and to randomly place everyone around the area (all safe distance from the center. This way it takes skill all the time and you have to think on your feet.

Love this map, add more mini-games from the first! Bring back the good ones!
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