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I actually tested this map before and I have to say I like the original better. It's nice with new ideas etc, but you miss out on a lot of good games.

I think a problem with the old version was that there were too many games and you had to make filler games (read: boring) to make new. I think you should reinvent the fun games and skip the boring ones. I never liked the luck games such as the original mortar game, and I'm not too fond of the new one either, although it is better. Also I dislike a lot of games where you want to use a wc3 skill but fail to implement in a good way. For example the possesion and cloak of shadows games. Also games which promoted hiding in the corners. Most of the new games were good but I think they fall a little into the trap that old Uther Party did - they're very similar. There are of course exceptions such as the mysterious box and the elevator game. I didn't like the elevator game either, because there was no challenge. If you understood the game to begin with, it was just about going to the right elevator the fastest (least lag).
The map also crashed at the mysterious box game in one out of the two times I played it.

It sounds like I am very negative now, but I don't think I have much to say about the positive. It's a good concept and the games are nicely implemented. It's fun to play (and that's the most important thing)! I haven't tested the AI but that's really a nice addition if it works well.

As you can see on another post in the map submission forum, you inspired me to make my own minigame map (Ice Festival). I have to admit I "stole" some good concepts of Uther Party, but I have added my own ideas as well, so there are no direct clones. I do like my map better than yours but I guess that's quite natural...
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