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I suppose I'll start with my critques and suggestions.

The game seemed void of that certain high tension fun that I was expecting. I think more sounds and visuals might fix this up a lot. I'm not sure what to say, just that something didnt feel right. I think in a lot of the stages just adding a few doodads would be sufficient for the visual aspect, and for that kind of fun, I think what a lot of it may have been in the original was the fun of beating your opponents, ie shooting something at them, rather than watching some computer-controlled wolf maul them to their death.

We played 14 of the games I believe.
-Hammerball wasnt much fun. That would primarily be due, I think, to the difficulty aiming and the inability to tell when the ball would kill you. Somebody suggested that you make the arena continuously shrink, similar to "The Weapon" but I think there are better ways to edit the game (though that really isnt a bad idea).
-In "Dance of the Darkspear" I didnt understand what to do. Others did however (apparently).
-In HHF, the Felhound went out of bounds and we couldnt see it temporairly.
-I question the greatness of the Archer minigame, it seems to have more potential. I think it would probably be more fun if we actively competed against one another, rather than taking turns.
-Demolition Dwarf I believed displayed "The Weapon" as the name of the game. I think the game might be better if there was some way to fakeout opponents.
-In Dimensional Dementia, I believe the player with the key can simply wait until time is near up before entering the portal and creating a new key.
-In a lot of the games I find it weird how you can die, but the goal is to outdo your opponent in some way. I feel it would be better to induce some penalty other than elimination if a player screws up, rather than just death.

On the plus sides, I love the new floating text thing that you have, with the letters blowing up and shriking rapidly. Also, despite all of the things I noted, do know I enjoyed it.

PS: I want more games to enjoy.
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