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So... as said above, no real updates for these days.

List of (probably) upcoming mini-races for the Blood Elven campaign in order of Appearance:


RaceChance to make themSlotHandicap (Custom Race System)Current StateNotes
Unbroken (Draenei)100%Orc0.8N/AEssential, good presence of custom models/skins, also they seem gag-prone. =)
Alterac Felsworn100%Undead0.9N/AA lot of models avaiable here too, including a custom UI ^^.
??? (Some Ogre clan/organization)90%Orc0.91 unfinished crap-unit"Us iz ogerz!" Hell yeah! <3 (Gotta remember contacting bananaHUNT for the Ogre UI, if he's still around)
Crusaders100%Human0.9Some crap around"Garithosians", I hope players will bash these botches to no end.
Forsaken100%Undead0.8N/AI have a lot of ideas around this race, I also spotted some nice models for them a while ago, also, I've planned on doing them since... forever.

They'll play a huge part in the campaign, btw

Bandits100%Human0.81 crap-unitCool guys, versatile, sneaky and... most important, gag-prone as hell. I bet they'll turn out into a wonderful race.
The "F" Factor100%Human0.6(Mostly) completedHidden content, 'nuff said. =P
High Elves80%Human0.7N/AIdeas around, still not sure about having them in the storyline, we'll see. =P
Kobolds99.99%Orc0.7N/AHey, it's been a year since I thought about 2 hero spells for them... but they are still untouched. >_> (At least now there are a lot more Kobold resources around)
Yes, Kobolds as final bosses, heh.

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