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I have to say that I didnt like it and in fact deleted the campaign.

There were a few things at the mapdesign which should be changed. For example: I attacked the spider guards, which were my allies in the 1st mission. 1st mistake here is that I am allowed to do this and nothing happens at all and 2nd that I even got some gold when I destroyed one of their tents.

Also the story was bothering me. It's just outdated to tell 'a kingdom...' bla 'long ago' etc.
I know you're following a storyline but that's not interesting for the player. The action counts. So that's why I deleted it finally. Besides the mistakes of the design the enemies I could finally fight were this hard that I had to WAIT for manaregen of my priest & hero. (Also I was to greedy to spend some money on some more soldiers :p)

So all in all it was a bad start and it didnt get better. I didnt even complete the 1st mission because the waiting sucked and I didnt want to switch a cheat on to play the map without...

And... the skills of the hero were strange in some way. They dont work good together.
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