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Ok, sorry. To be more precise, the system requires JASSHelper 0.9.x (which CSCache also is dependant on). Yes, of course I could have made it dependant on nothing! But no sane scripter would make anything without vJASS these days...

I made this decision because vJASS makes it:

* Faster than anything you could ever produce without it.
* Deadly easy to implement.

I cannot know how your system was, Diolenist, but with this system, I can set up all the automatically respawning creep spawns in my map in 1 trigger. It look like this:

Create Groups
Collapse Events
Map initialization
Collapse Actions
-------- Spawn 7 random level 3 creeps --------
Set TempInt = 7
Set TempInt2 = 3
Set TempLoc = (Center of Creep1 <gen>)
Custom script: call CreepCreateGroup(udg_TempInt2,udg_TempLoc,udg_TempInt)
-------- --- --------
-------- Spawn 3 Riflemen --------
Set TempInt = 3
Set TempType = Rifleman
Set TempLoc = (Center of Creep2 <gen>)
Custom script: call CreepCreateGroup(udg_TempType,udg_TempLoc,udg_TempInt)
-------- --- --------
-------- Spawn 4 Random Creeps of Level 5 --------
Set TempInt = 4
Set TempInt2 = 5
Set TempLoc = (Center of Creep3 <gen>)
Custom script: call CreepCreateGroup(udg_TempInt2,udg_TempLoc,udg_TempInt)
-------- --- --------
Custom script: call SpawnAllNewGroups()

As I understand from your post, you have vast JASS experience, so you surely notice that the only thing that's needed is the CreepCreateGroup command which takes a level/a unit-type, the number of creeps and the location of the group.

I'll edit the first post to contain this stuff...
(v)JASS Tutorial
Covers how to make fast and safe coding for common tasks in vJASS/JASS.
Creep Respawn System
It has never been easier to respawn creep groups...
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