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Default Creep Respawn System

Creep Respawn System v2.6!

Updated to work with Warcraft III 1.24 and above!

Expand JASS:


The Creep Respawn system is intended to greatly simplify the process of automatically respawning creep groups for you. A creep group is a group of creeps (1 or more) which will respawn after every unit in the group dies.

  • Very easy to use.
  • Respawning creeps will remember their original position, facing and acquisition range.
  • Supports randomly spawning a group from a list of pre-defined setups.
  • Has the possibility to suspend respawn if certain units are too close to the spawn point.
  • The respawn-trigger will detect unit death, changed ownership, RemoveUnit and ReplaceUnit (AutoIndex doesn't seem to function properly for this).
  • Simple setup:

    Just make a region around your pre-placed creeps, and do like this:
    In the example, Creep1<gen> is a region (JASS: rect).

    Test map Init
    Collapse Events
    Time - Elapsed game time is 5.00 seconds
    Collapse Actions
    -------- ----------------------------------------------------- --------
    Set aRegionVariable = Creep1 <gen>
    Custom script: call CRS_CreateGroup(udg_aRegionVariable)
    -------- Now the creeps in the region Creep1 will respawn as a group. -------
    Now you might think that: "Hey, Custom Script! That's not easy at all!" Relax. You don't have to understand anything. Just copy the script and it will work :)
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(v)JASS Tutorial
Covers how to make fast and safe coding for common tasks in vJASS/JASS.
Creep Respawn System
It has never been easier to respawn creep groups...
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