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Originally Posted by Rao Dao Zao
I am not at home right now so I don't have my CDs to get the original DLLs from (or don't have my YobGul's folder with whatever DLLs work for me), but remind me next week and I'll send them to you.

Not sure there is any good MDX spec, converting to MDL kind of did away with the need for that. :P
haha, yea, I'd rather also just use mdl editing... but if the converter doesnt actually convert my lights... I'll have to edit it in mdx. Heck. I might even write a small program that does the editing for me.

edit: turns out the only thing magos does wrong is not include the animation structs into the length of the light model. Just changing the chunksize (and inclusivesize) fixes the problem :) It's a bit of a hassle, but at least I can mdl edit my stuff, convert it with magos, and hex edit only 2 values before importing :)
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