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Change Log for 4.1:
- [X]Stasis Wards will now purge instead of stun
- [X]Changed damage of singularity to 25/40/50 per second and duration to 4/5/6
- [X]Changed cast range on icy waves from 750/750/750 to 600/700/800
- [/]Fixes for reported bugs (if possible)
- [X]Lower cooldown on crusher ultimate back to 15, but make casting it again remove the previous wall.
- [X]Slightly lower bash stun and increase tower attack speed.
- [X]Fix spirit upgrade. It currently has been accidentally removed!
- [X]Add new spirit ability to replace sleep. Probably a silence effect.
- [X]Increased turtle jump teleport delay to 2.5 from 1.75. In addition, the speed buff has been lowered to 12.5 from 15.
- [X]Change start spawn position system
- [X]Change temporal phase, the hero no longer tries to go around walls.
- [X]Change juke for easier use by new players. Juke is now a second Divine shield.
- [X]Make the scroll wheel not override the camera
- [X]Murloc now properly has unreduced vision at night
- [X]Murloc daylight dash is now usable only at night and is replacing the previous fade ability. In addition, disruption slow has been reduced to 60% from 75% and night move speed bonus reduced to 33% from 40%.
- [X]Allow a submerged sea dragon to move slowly underwater for 20 seconds. The sea dragon now has 65 mana, but diving costs 45 mana.
- [X]Overpowering waves damage has been more normalized. Base damage is now 32/64/96 and echo damage is now 2/4/6. This allows the 3rd rank of the ability to now kill level 1 buildings, but also requires more buildings to be present to kill higher level buildings.
- [X]Improve hotkey layout
- [X]Illusions are now always the same player color as the player they are mimicing.
- [X]Naga may now have 6 sentry wards.
- [X]Fish now have a "Rescue Fish" ability with a 6 second cooldown and 200 range. Fish can no longer attack allied wisps.
- [X]Naga are no longer alerted to a respawning fishs' location.
- [X]Toss Trident now has a larger AoE, but the missile moves more slowly.

X indicates implemented, but untested
/ indicates partially implemented

Anything else?
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