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Every time you create a new unit and destroy it, WC3's memory use goes up and doesn't seem to come back down. It causes performance degradation over time even if you don't leak.
lol. i wrote this long ago... and "no one" belived me... especially person called Vexorain <_<

btw post what the original idea is by Litany... (afaik) at least i readed this at least ~1 year ago or maybe even earlier.

// To make the dummy face a 2 dimensional orientation instantly:
function SetDummyFacing takes unit u, real angle returns nothing
call SetUnitLookAt(u, "Bone_Head", u, Cos(angle)*1000000., Sin(angle)*1000000., 0.)
it takes radians or angles ? (imagine it's not SO obvious especialy for users...) looks like radians.

imo for alot objects it may cause performance lose. (wc3 need to rotate model every frame) but ofc i don't know how exactly and much it will degrade it. (cause the initial purporse of this are cinematics)
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