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Originally Posted by cohadar
Ah this is referring to standard game files that are being replaced by users custom ones?

I only imported/replaced CommandStrings.txt and CommandFunc.txt
do I need a custom loader for that?

You don't need one. The files you mention work fine.

I was under the impression that you used Constants=1 in the ini (which moves changes from war3mapSkin.txt and war3mapMisc.txt to the respective files). That's why I brought it up. Now that I have looked at your files I noticed that you hadn't used that option anyway, so there's nothing to worry.

Regarding the files you provided. There's something strange about your input file. It conains single carriage returns without a linefeed. Why is that? And when i tried it in a map it didn't even work (I mean the input file), the displayed tooltip in-game just ended where the single CR was.

I realized that I need to replace CRLF with |n (which is already done for object files, but I apparently forgot this for the interface strings). But even then your input file wouldn't compile properly because it doesn't contain CRLF but only CR which is not expected.
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