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Default Optimal Save System 0.4

Added a few unit tests
Various bug fixes including deallocation issue

Port to vJass. No more location lists.

fixed broken sample name hashing routine

initial release

I got tired of hand writing save systems from scratch for aftermath everytime we wanted to change a few values, so I wrote this automated system.
- Flexible. Can generate codes of any length using integer data from zero to around twenty nine million.
- *Space optimal. Guaranteed to pack your code into as few characters as mathematically possible, assuming all possibilities for saving are equiprobable
- Fast
- *Creates few excess strings
- Simple interface
- *Save code character sets can be any length
- Configurable hash checking: A random code will work with a probability you specify

* items are advantages over Vex's system. The main advantage of Vex's system is that it has been tested far more heavily.

It takes some of the hell out of hand tuning a homegrown save system which can take up a day even if you are familiar with the math involved.

If someone knows all the characters that are valid in a bnet name, please let me know.

Remember, the best you can hope for is helping honest users remain honest.
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