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Idea Beyond the Throne: Tides of Darkness v3.9.8.4

Beyond the Throne: Tides of Darkness 3984(2)(4)

Previously Orcs and Humans: Tides of Darkness.

I was disappointed when I saw that RoC did not include sea combat so I set out to edit the melee system to include ships and that spiraled into a significant altered melee. Beyond the Throne adds elements of WCII, my own ideas, and community ideas that I have accumulated over many years. It is the only melee map of its kind that is able to be hosted on b-net without high download time. I hope you will enjoy playing.


Integrated Sea Units

Sea units serve as extensions to racial strengths. Orcs field raw power, high health, area damage units. Humans specialize in concealment, fast movement, and ground unit support. Lost use flying ships that deal magic damage, target multiple units, and augment ground armies via proxy summoning units.

Unique Third Race: Lost

When I set out to create a third race I wanted to base it off of demons and undead, but still be something new. Lost are a hyper-aggressive race with several unique attributes. Units are inexpensive in gold, lumber, and food. Organic units will lose hit points when off of blight. Structures and research are expensive to compensate for low unit costs. Gold is harvested automatically by a Consumed Gold Mine, and lumber is harvested by workers as Wisps do. Rather than a naval transport of some type, Lost have a Derelict that can proxy summon units provided you have the appropriate structures. You need to attack wisely due to the unit decay when off of blight, and make use of Derelicts to create blight away from your structures. Early expansion is advised.

Functioning Naga Race

I've seen many Naga races but I have only seen one that felt complete. These Naga rely on movement bonuses and magic manipulation. Every unit is amphibious.

Specialized Terrain

You will play in areas designed to integrate sea units and find that sometimes the best way to defend or secure an expansion is from the water.


What does Beyond the Throne: Tides of Darkness seek to do?

- Continue the story after TFT in terms of racial development
- Introduce sea units
- Provide high replay value

Who worked on this?

I have done 99% of the actual map work, but I also had some help from Vexorian and Moyack in the past.

How long have you been working on this?

On and off since August 2002.

Does this seek to emulate WC: II perfectly?

Not at all. Over the years many Wc2 units have found there way into the project but have since been transformed to provide a unique experience.

Did you do any of the custom models/textures/icons for this map?

With the exception of a few icon edits, no I did not. Credits can be found in game in the Information tab.

Can I have any of the models in your map?

Most are available here or on other resource sites. Let me know if I can help.

Why is your map locked?

- Preservation of game balance
- Prior to recent patches I needed to compress to be playable on bnet

Will you ever release an unprotected version?


Will you ever be done?

I doubt it.

Update Log:


Balance Changes:

-Polymorph mana cost increased from 80 to 120

-Lumber harvest amount increased from 4 to 5
-Using Recall on units under 75% of their max HP yields one less charge


-Polymorph upgrade buff

-Ability upgrade buffs
-Consumed Mine tentacles counted as idle workers

-Mercenary boat stats


Balance Changes:

-Derelict has Repulse, base move speed reduced from 250 to 220, base armor increased from 10 to 12, max mana reduced to from 450 to 350, mana regen rate reduced by 20%
-Recall cooldown decreased from 5 to 1 second
-Infinity Core limit removed
-Mutations have 60 second expiration timer, no food cost
-Obsidian Wrath duration reduced from 15 to 10 seconds, damage per hit reduced from 250 to 150


-Ravager tech requirements
-Infinity Core unit roster, formulas
-Stygian Basin and Reliquary locations switched


Balance Changes:

-Mauling Armor chance increased from 5% to 10%

-Shell Bash replaced with Chitin Incursor, may now transform into a heavily armored slower unit
-All organic Naga units now have a base health regen of .5, most were .75

-Severed Isles substantially revised
-All creep camps revised for creep composition and item drops


-Conceal buff range adjusted

-Finger of Pain correctly targets


-Acid Burst has new icon

-Incursus has new model
-Slow Poison has new icon
-Crush Depth renamed to Pillars


Balance Changes:

-Essence no longer decays units off blight, regen on blight reduced from 5 to 3


-Flare upgrade removed

-Crush Depth description revised

-Issues related to map protection resolved


Balance Changes:

-Currents replaced with Crush Depth
-Healing Spray replaced with Experimental Goo
-Crescendo replaced with Nazjataran Influence
-Naga hero intel per level adjusted
-New Hero: Viper
-Reservoir harvest rate reduced by 50%

-All Hall upgrade costs reverted to stock


-Obsidian Wrath lightning effect

-Trench Dweller can no longer me trained more than once
-Trench Dweller spell tooltips revised
-Azsharan Scales tech tree requirement

-Hero support structures have correct tool tips
-Hero hot keys revised


-Hopper has new model/icon

-Deep Legacy has new icon
-Tempered Guard model scale increased


Balance Changes:

-Pulverizer base speed reduced by 20%
-Magi base mana regeneration reduced from .9 to .6

-Paladin base mana regeneration reduced from 1 to .6
-Savant Guardian base mana regeneration reduced from 1 to .8
-Fortified Heal persists in combat

-Terminus Crux attack spped reduced by 25%

-Leviathan base armor increased from 4 to 6, damage reduced from 50 to 40
-Added Scrubber, T3 anti-mechanical unit
-Slave has basic attack, max HP reduced from 300 to 200, armor type = unarmored
-Breath of Frost replaced with Bile Shards
-Urchin Turtle spikes now deal no damage amd slow
-Refresh replaced with Vortex
-Slave gold cost increased from 25 to 125
-Cascading Slave damage increased from 6 ro 24, damage type from normal to magic

-Added Hero structures that reward leveling your heroes:
-Human: Trade Center - Provides upgrades for specific units
-Orc: Den - Purchasable units
-Lost: Mutation Spire - Provides units with new or altered abilities
-Naga: Saturation Pool - Regenerates mana for surrounding units
-Barge/Hopper/Derelict no longer have tech requirements
-Ruined Lock substantially revised
-Alchemist, Tinker, Firelord, Pit Lord return to Tavern


-Siren has new model/icon
-Hauler has new model/icon
-Urchin Turtle has new icon
-Revised Naga harvesting icons/descriptions


Balance Changes:

-Magi food cost increased from 4 to 5
-Pulverizer training time increased from 20 to 35 seconds
-Spirit Wolves have 25% more hit points
-New sea unit: Junker (Single target nuke, extreme range land support)
-Gash replaced with Cleaving Blows
-Mirror Image now deals 10/20/30% damage
-Critical Strike now deals 40/80/120 bonus damage instead of providing a multiplier
-Chain Lightning now loses 5% of damage per bounce instead of 15%

-Paladin food cost increased from 4 to 5
-Dematerialize may now target any friendly mechanical unit as long as there is water at the target unit location
-Argonaut food cost increased from 3 to 4
-Savant Mage now has Fortified Heal
-Paladin Healing replaced self target Revive, now has Seraphic Blade
-Decimator now has Mystic Aura
-New sea unit: Monitor (Anti-mechanical, land support)
-Cluster Rockets upgrade replaced with Homing Missiles

-Nightmare food cost increased from 3 to 4
-New "sea" unit: Averter (Healing support, air support)
-Ravager available at T2

-Mana Mine replaced with Refresh, a support healing ability
-Cascade life decay reduced from 2 per seond to .5 per second
-Sea Witch now has Tornado as an ultimate again, Mana Shield returns with a buff to 2/4/6 damage abosrbed
-Fathom Trident replaced with Trident of Torrents
-Anchor cooldown decreased from 20 to 10 seconds
-Torrent renamed Todal Wave and given to Nullifier
-New hero: Trench Dweller
-Urchin Turtle available at T2, has Hurl, gold cost reduced from 320 to 280, hit points reduced from 1700 to 1500
-Resevoir Vault harvests lumber

-All Orc, Human, and Undead (Lost) heroes have returned. Technician, Combat Engineer, and Charred Adjutant remain
-Stock start delay on neutral heroes removed
-Food limit decreased from 125 to 120
-Upkeep levels adjusted to 70/100
-Battleship added to Mercenary Camp
-Frigate added to Mercenary Camp
-AI update


-Halt has new icon
-Abolish has new icon, renamed Pulse
-Polymorph has new icon
-Crew has new icon

-Swine Flu has new icon
-Overflow has new icon
-Rupture has new icon

-Burning Corruption has new icon


Balance Changes:


-Grunt attack damage/dice reverted to vanilla, HP reduced from 800 to 750
-Berserker attack damage/speed revereted to vanilla
-Raging Boars changed to effect Burrows only
-Devour now deals 10 damage inseatd of 99999 damage
-Dragon attack type changed from normal to magic
-Clear Cut mana cost reduced from 125 to 100
-War Forge gold cost reduced from 235 to 205
-Warlock armor type changed to Light
-Incendiary Bomber now drops 3 bombs at all levels and deals 30/60/90 damage
-Powdered Stimulants bonus reduced from 40% to 30%
-Rupture duration decreased from 30 to 15 seconds
-Sappers removed
-Ironback now T1 siege unit, armor reduced from 6 to 4, gold cost reduced from 285 to 260
-Burrow base armor increased from 2 to 4, food produced increased from 14 to 22, gold cost increased from 115 to 240, build time increased from 20 to 30 seconds
-Pulverizer is no longer a transport
-Orc transport unit added


-Rifleman attack damage restored to wc3 vanilla, has armor upgrade again, base armor reduced by from 5 to 4
-Rifleman, Demolition Team, and Gryphon Rider have Studded Leather Armor again
-Argonaut can no longer attack while submerged
-Marksmanship upgrade damage increased from 3 to 8
-Nitroglycerin upgrade bonus increased from 2 to 6
-Demolition Team armor type changed from Light to Medium
-Hopper gold cost reduced from 440 to 350
-Decimator armor type changed from Medium to Small in standard form, Fortified when deployed
-Reconstitution upgrade bonue increased from 30% to 50%
-Flare removed
-Siege Engine armor type changed from Fortified to Heavy, base armor increased from 4 to 6
-Arcane Field removed from Field Generator (now Arcane Tower), Feedback added, gold cost reduced from 110 to 80
-Wall cost reduced from 110 to 90
-Savant Guardian armor type changed from Medium to Light
-Valkyrie renamed Grand Sorceress
-Dalaran Shield affect increased from 250 HP and 50% to 400 HP and 200%
-Lord renamed to King's Hand
-Gryphon damage type changed from pierce to magic
-Power Armor (Divine Armor) given to Lord (King's Hand)
-Inner Circle mana cost reduced from 175 to 125
-Guardian replaced with Charge
-Hindsight replaced with Sentry Gun
-Academy gold cost increased from 200 to 240
-Refined Smithing gold cost reduced from 350 to 275
-Upgrade cost structure reverted to a standard increase per level
-Power Armor repalced with Flare
-Demolition Team gold cost increased from 180 to 220
-Peasant gold cost set to vanilla
-Cannon Assault shots reduced from 6/12/18 to 3/6/9
-Farm Depot gold cost increased from 175 to 375, lumber cost increased from 60 to 120, build time increased from 25 to 35 seconds, food produced increased from 16 to 30, base armor increased from 4 to 6
-Argonaut primary attack range increased by 50%, cooldown increased from 2 to 4 seconds, base damage increaed from 38 to 90
-Decimator remade reflecting user feedback


-Blink base cooldown increased from 3 to 5 seconds
-Poison Bite replaced with Blink upgrade reducing cooldown to 0
-Draken base hit points reduced from 1120 to 900
-Incursor base hit points reduced from 960 to 825
-Siren food cost reduced from 4 to 3, base hit points reduced from 1220 to 975, armor type changed from unarmored to light, base armor reduced from 5 to 4
-Myrmidon base hit points decreased from 1300 to 1175
-Couatl attack type changed from normal to magic
-Phor base damage increased from 12 to 16
-Mana Mine now available at tier 2
-Deep Legacy bonus reduced from 67%/33%/0% to 80%/60%/40%
-Chilled Arrows mana cost reduced from 200 to 150
-Cull now steal health or life depending on the target unit and current mana
-Scale Shallows removed, upgrades moved to Spawning Grounds
-Volatile Blood now deals: 100 + 25 x number of player owned Reavers in range
-Mana Shield replaced with Annihilation Eye
-Sinkhole now returns mana to the Sunderer
-Sunderer armor type changed from Large to Small
-Devour Magic replaced with Siphon Mana
-Coral Guardian damage base reduced from 120 to 80, damage type changed to Pierce, food produced increased from 15 to 21, gold cost increased from 130 to 230


-Volcano replaced with Burning Corruption
-Molten Wrath now triggers when attacking on the attacked unit, overall damage and area decreased
-Consumed mine now costs 5 food
-Lost heroes now cost 5 food
-Specters now trained normally at town halls, and summoned from Derelicts, and require 1 food
-Mana Regeneration on Derelicts increased from 1 to 1.25
-Flesh Mites requires upgrade
-Flesh Mites unit count and spawn rate reduced to vanilla, damage increased from 12 to 24
-Nether Fold must target blighted ground
-Desecrator removed
-Brute reworked to be heavy close range siege unit
-Ignite is now reversible, has Demolish
-Specter costs 1 food
-Charred Adjutant correclty classified as Undead (Lost)
-Terminus Crux damage base reduced from 60 to 40, damage type changed to Pierce, Corpse Burn removed, gold cost increased from 245 to 340
-Metasis removed
-Ignited Scourge has Penetrate (Demolish) for attacking sea units
-Stedding removed
-Conduit removed
-Shambler no longer requires lumber
-Specter gold cost increased from 75 to 90
-Obsidian Moor lumber cost decreased from 180 to 100
-Stygian Bastille lumber cost reduced from 160 to 90
-Mana Circulation is now a blanket mana regen upgrade that affects all Lost units (mechanical and organic)
-Mana Circulation has new icon
-Corrus armor type changed from Medium to Small
-Razor armor base reduced from 12 to 8
-Lumber collection reduced from 6 to 4
-Derelict mana reduced from 700 to 450
-Rift/Bastion/Parapet food produced increased from 12 to 18
-Consumed Gold Mine requires 5 food
-Burning Corruption number of units reduced from 2/3/4 to 1/2/3
-Specter gold cost increased from 90 to 150
-Derelict armor base increased from 6 to 10
-Ravager armor increased from 8 to 14, armor type changed from Large to Medium

-Primary Towers now have one attack that is balance to deal damage to all units
-Damage multiplyer abilities on primary towers removed
-Heavy sea units now have Large armor
-Junker and Decoy removed, replaced with a standard Transport



-Onslaught can't be leveled in a row
-Presence now requires level 6
-Huntress abilities work now


-Blink can no longer be cast into buildings



-Stygian Bastille has new model, now named Stygian Basin


-Sunderer has new model

-War Forge DISBTN fixed


Balance Changes:

-Sapper hit points, gold cost, lumber cost, and Kaboom damage doubled
-Warthog base damage increased by 2.5x from 18 to 45, attack cooldown doubled

-Astral Pillar remade
-Reactive Armor replaced by Power Armor
-Harasser has Aerial Shackles as an upgrade

-Devour Magic description fixed
-Brute rewored to be large melee unit based on the Mountain Giant, Pummel still applies, gold cost increased from 250 to 390, lumber cost increased from 120 to 170
-Demolish damage to sea units increased from 2/3 to 5/6
-Derelict can now be upgraded to absorb friendly Lost units for mana (Recall)
-Duplicast replaced with Void Armor
-Ravager now has Nether Fold, attack damage type chnaged from siege to Normal, armor increased from 6 to 8, mana max increased from 0 to 250
-Flesh Mites requires mana
-Burrow no longer requires mana
-Monstrosity's count as summoned

-Anchor description updated, buff shows effect
-Calcify effect shows correctly
-Compression replaced by Fathom Trident
-Phor now has Mana Crush as an upgrade, maximum mana increased from 50 to 125, has basic attack

-All support caster units, and the Warlock, now have dispel based abilities


Balance Changes:

-My understanding of Spirit Link has been flawed, I have not adjusted it to work as I intended. The primary target will take 10% of the initial damage and spread 90% of initial damage to all linked units including the initial target.
-6 linked units
-One linked units is dealt 100 damage
-Targeted unit takes 10 damage + 15 damage
-Remianing 5 units take 15 damage
-Spirit Link mana cost increased from 75 to 120, duration increased from 25 to 40 seconds, upgrade gold cost increased from 175 to 250, lumber cost increased from 25 to 120

-Dweller Burst replaced by Anchor
-Cloud replaced by Currents


-Dweller Burst description/buff corrected
-Shimmering Portal preload and portal orientation altered
-Shimmering Portal dummy issue resolved

-Terrain update to Severed Isles,
-Updated for 1.27a
-Incursor model revised


Balance Changes:

-Watch Tower damage increased from 15 to 45, maximum targets increased from 1 to 3, gold cost increased from 110 to 180
-Healing Spray healing increased from 40/65/80 to 80/160/240, mana cost increased from 75/85/95 to 120
-Incendiary Bomber damage increased from 45 to 90, mana set to 140 for all levels
-Remote Mine mana cost increased from 150 to 200
-Clear Cut damage mana cost increased from 90 to 125
-Stampede damage increased from 80 to 150
-Crushing Blows replaced with Cleaving Strikes
-Onslaught base spell changed, damage bonus increased from .10/.15/.20 to .15/.30/.45, range reduced, mana cost set to 125 at all levels
-Winds of Durotar replaced with Presence

-Only Human may use an alternate building for resource return
-Guard Tower gold cost increased from 80 to 140, maximum targets increased from 1 to 4
-Cannon Tower area damage ranges increased
-Inner Circle mana cost increased from 125 to 175
-Reactive Armor bonus increased from 6/8/10 to 10/14/18
-Starfall damage increased from 125 to 175, mana cost increased from 200 to 275
-Respite Aura replaced with Righteous Aura
-Demolition Team hit points increased from 180 to 360
-Healing mana cost increased from 125 to 200 and hit points healed increased from 150 to 300
-Knight train time increased from 45 to 50 seconds
-Peasant gold cost increased from 50 to 60

-Terminus Crux damage base increased from 24 to 60
-Extinguish damage increased from 80/100/120 to 90/120/150, mana cost increased from 90 to 130
-Devastate damage increased from 75 to 125, mana cost increased from 125 to 200
-Secretion damage increased from 60/120/240 to 80/160/320, mana cost omcreased from 70 to 100
-Razor gold cost increased from 285 to 380, hit points increased from 880 to 950, armor increased from 4 to 12, attack type set to magic from normal, damage base increased from 21 to 31, food cost increased from 3 to 4
-Corrus damage increased from 15 to 65, attack type lightning added, attack cooldown increased from 1.9 to 2.5, range increased by 50%, armor increased from 4 to 6, gold cost increased from 155 to 250, food cost increased from 2 to 3
-Metasis can now be used on caster
-Shambler food cost increased from 1 to 2
-Duplicast gold cost increased from 230 to 330
-Nightmare train time increased from 25 to 30 seconds
-Specter hit points increased from 180 to 280

-Naga gold mining now works like Night Elf gold mining
-Spiked Shell damage return increased from 30% to 50%
-Liquid Pierce replaced with Bond
-Urchin Turtle now has self targeting units on it's back after upgrading
-Slave lumber harvest rate adjusted, has basic attack, has Cascade, hit points increased from 120 to 300
-Naga halls can now be repaired
-Coral Guardian damage increased from 45 to 120, cooldown time decreased from 1.5 to 1.2, attack type changed to chaos
-Chilled Arrows mana cost increased from 75 to 200, slow duration increased from 5 to 8
-Bond damage bonus increased from base 10-22 to 20-32, mana cost increased from 120 to 140
-Cresendo damage increased from 50/75/100 to 120/180/240, mana cost increased from 90 to 120
-Compression damage increased from 150 to 280
-Cloud mana cost increased from 100 to 175
-Devour Magic mana cost increased from 75 to 150
-Incursor train time increased from 18 to 24 seconds, gold cost increased from 175 to 200
-Cascade research added
-Siphon Mana replaced with Dweller Burst
-Dweller Pool replaced with Shimmering Portal

-Coinbaron spells require minimal mana


-Inner Circle area now acts correctly

-Naga heroes now yield correct bounty
-Watery Wrath base spell changed
-Torrent/Calcify upgrade buff
-Murky Gaze can no longer be cast on workers

-Neutral heroes now come with correct racial Assault

-Corrected neutral creep ability hot keys


-Swine Flu has new aura effect

-Desecrator TC now works correctly
-Toxic Carapace buff icon set to passive version
-Blight Aura has new buff effect
-Blight Growth has new effect
-Mince has new icon

-Reef Elemental has new model
-Naga town hall model attachment point corrected
-Pressure Chamber model collision and HP bar height corrected
-Whirlpool description fixed
-Calcify has buff effect
-Hydra has new icon
-Nullifier has new model/icon

-Collection now has an aura model

-Information tab no longer flashes at game start


Balance Changes:

-Obilerate cooldown increased from 45 to 90 seconds, damage increase from 80/125 to 150/275, range reduced from 500/400 to 250/325
-Pulverizer primary attack damage base increase from 28 to 38
-Mass Shot removed
-Pulverizer base damage increased from 38 to 54, attack cooldown increased from 1.6 to 1.8
-Pulverizer/Ironback deals 2x damage to organic units
-Assassinate cooldown set to 25 seconds
-Overflow damage bonus reduced from 5x to 4x

-Rapid Chambering attack cooldown bonus increased to 25% from 20%
-Argonaut attack AoE (Full/Medium/Small) increased from 25/35/50 to 125/200/225
-Argonaut and Battleship merged (name remains Argonaut), primary attack damage base increase from 26 to 36
-Rocket Bomb cooldown adjusted from 70/55 to 80/80, range adjusted from 275/350 to 225/325
-Storm Hammers now deals persistent area lightning damage
-Triage Tent replaced with Tactical Hindsight
-Flare duration reduced from 30 to 10 seconds
-Crystal Ball duration reduced from 10 to 5 seconds
-Mystic Cuff Aura reworked

-Executioner revised
-Blight Growth is now instant cast
-Incubator reworked

-Blink cooldown lowered from 10 to 3 seconds
-Leviathan armor type changed from Fortified to Heavy

-Greed Vault damage reduced from 55 to 45, allowable targets restricted to organic enemies
-Decoy unit vision range adjusted
-Coinbaron spells no longer require mana (this may change), can no longer attack air units

-Hero target priority adjusted for AI
-Adjusted creep camp locations on Typhoon
-Heavy siege unit damage revised


-Warlock now correclty attacks up to three units
-Hibernation was disabled for testing, sorry about that
-Assassinate no longer targets units in deep water
-Rune Field was disabled for testing, sorry about that

-Wreck correctly deals bonus damage to Derelict/Ravager
-Rocket bomb damage is assigned correctly

-Urchin Turtle can no longer be transported

-Host bot commands now show in channel and game lobby


-Nitroglycerin tooltip revised
-Revival icon displays correctly, there was no issue with the spell function
-Conceal marker updated

-Dragon projectile scale
-Warlock has Surge icon to indicate passive multi-targeting
-Overflow button position moved

-Altar of Overseers has correct death special effect
-Hulsk has new model
-Blight Growth has new effect

-Murky Gaze tooltip revised
-Morph tooltip revised
-Sunderer has new icon

-Selection circle adjustments


Balance Changes:

-Inner Rage replaced with Stampede

-Comradeship replaced with Inner Circle
-Reflections of Light replaced with Guardian
-Bind replaced with Astral Pillar
-Dalaran Shield % blocked increased from 25% to 50%
-Field Generator may now target mechanical units with Replenish Life and Mana
-Conceal now has an AoE target image
-Decimator range increased from 500/800 to 600/900
-Deployed Decimator damage increased from 16 to 20, RoF increased by 25%, Starfall removed
-Wall added as upgrade to scout tower
-Starbust replaced with Reactive Armor
-Combat Engineer damage and attack speed adjusted
-Gravity Well replaced with Starfall
-Mana Cuff is now an aura
-Conceal now has 30 second cooldown, 30/60/90 second durations, costs 125 mana
-Legion no longer provides Magic Immunity
-Critical Sector now increases melee and ranged damage by 40%
-Replicate replaced with Triage Tent

-Firewall replaced with Volcano
-Executioner primary attribute changed to Intelligence

-Murky Gaze is now a single unit target spell, mana cost reduced from 200 to 150
-Barb Torrent replaced with Emergence
-Mana Shield no longer targets mechanical units
-Hydratia replaced with Torrent
-Tornado replaced with Whirlpool

-Sappers and Demolition Teams have a 20% chance to explode when attacked
-Mercenaries reworked


-Envenomed Spears button location fixed
-Remote Mines now walkable

-Deploy description fixed

-Decoy fixed
-Dummy units no longer cast shadows on land or sea


-Dragon has new missile model
-Peon scaling size increased slightly

-Combat Engineer model edited to remove particle effect, projectile changed
-Conceal ground effect changed

-Specter changed back to a more Shade-like model - it's good to know the community has opinions!
-Charred Adjutant scale reduced 10%
-Massacre renamed to Nether Path
-Murky Gaze has new icon

-Siren has new skin/icon
-Deep Trench renamed Sinkhole
-Sinkhole buff fixed


Balance Changes:

-Inner Beast damage increased from 5x to 10x, mana cost increased from 150 to 175, cooldown increased from 45 to 60
-Giant Sea Turtle available at tier 1
-Pulverizer has absorbed Juggernaut role, available at tier 2
-Mass Shot damage increased from 150/75/35 to 400/200/100

-Argonaut requires Gnomish Factory
-Battleship available at tier 2

-Parapet no longer requires Reliquary


-Rupture upgrade corrected
-Item order in Packbeast
-Rupture AoE increased to match effect

-Reservoir Vault description now mentions it can receive gold

-"Town Hall" structures have correct gold and lumber costs
-Frozen Void terrain balanced for movement
-Orc/Human melee upgrade stats


-Goblin Laboratory has new icon
-Giant Sea Turtle renamed "Ironback"


Balance Changes:

-Outpost and Mound merged
-Rush no longer affects mechanical units
-Battle Guide removed
-Storm Generator replaced with Rupture

-Savant Guardian health reduced from 1080 to 825
-Pulse replaced with Flare
-Reflection of Light uses 500% at all levels, has buff

-Devour Magic desc now shows correct numbers
-Acid Burst now shows correct upgrade path
-Ignited Scourge can attack air
-Noxium now damages properly

-Anit-Magic Shell, and Cyclone both require a Maelstrom Temple
-Carrion Migration deals damage correctly
-Desecrator reworked to be an offensive attack unit that spawns smaller version upon death

-Sunderer mana maximum reduced, now has Mana Shield as an area effect invilnerability spell to replace Mana Flare
-Naga unit movement speed on land reduced from 75% to 60% of equivilent non-Naga land units
-Barb Torrent reworked
-Mana Shield replaced with Resistant Heart
-Water Elemental max summons reduced from 4 to 3, summons per corpse reduced from 2 to 1, elemental hit points increased from 300 to 500, attack damage increased from 16 to 26, damage type changed from Pierce to Magic, duration reduced from 180 to 90
-Fury now subtracts mana after cast
-Phor unit added to Enclave

-Many building stat changes - see excel file
-Standard Marketplace returned
-Standatd item drop tables enforced
-Food limit reduced from 150 to 125


-Phase and Acid Burst causing fatal errors

-Resevoir Vault can return gold
-Couatl requires Maelstrom Temple - this was not an issue unless your MT was destroyed and you happened to have a Tidal Temple or upgraded to one.


-Goblin Laboratory has new model

-Shadow replaced with Wisp model, renamed Specter
-Lost building models switched around to more accurately reflect purpose

-Bladebane item buff icon replaced


Balance Changes:

-Blaster damage fixed, reblanced to no longer attack air but deal significantly more base siege damage
-Strike is now Risky Strike, deals 350 damage to a target enemy unit and stuns for 3 seconds but deals anywhere from 90 to 175 damage to the Warthog

-Death Pact replaced with Defile
-Tumor now costs 0 mana to cast, and has a 30 second cooldown

-Urchin Turtle now has Barb Torrent


-Juggernaut mana spell removed

-Devour Magic research icon fixed
-Devour Magic description fixed

-Assault added to Naga heroes

-Frozen Void terrain adjustments
-Severed Isles now uses correct interface text and gameplay constants, terrain revised
-Crystal Lake removed pending revision


Balance Changes:

-Halt range reduced from 900 to 800
-Hammer of Thor replaced by target cast Dalaran Shield
-Mana Fog replaced with Magic Defense
-Afterburn no longer damages friendly units

-Attack upgrade for Naga beast units now provides a chance to deal extra damage per hit
-Hauler armor type changed to Medium
-Coral Blades is now an attack speed bonus of 10%/10%/10%
-Added third Naga hero: Nullifier

-Mobile shop item list adjusted, creep drops adjusted
-Increased spell damage of Pandaren Brewmaster abilities
-Neutral hero sight range reduced to match racial heroes
-Heavy organic air unit attack damage buffed
-Spell Breaker added to Mercenary Camp


-Cluster Rockets upgrade description fixed

-Strike now requires the War Forge instead of the War Mill
-Ogre Magi model path restored
-Onslaught now fires

-Altar of Overseers now has standard altar pathing map
-Blight Aura buff no longer shows on heroes
-Anti-Magic Shell upgrade description fixed
-Fixed Blight Aura

-Fixed Pandaren Brewmaster hotkeys


-Savant Mage renamed to Savant Guardian
-Marksmanship now shows as a green +3 on the unit
-Rocket Bomb description changed, tooltip now changes after upgrade

-Removed double birth effect from Altar of Overseers

-Upgrade descriptions now tell vital statistics
-Added an item cleanup script
-The Move command now says "Move" again.
-New terrain: (4) Frozen Void
-Revised terrain: (2) Severed Isles


Balance Changes:

-Mumbo Priest replaced with Warlock
-Ascension replaced with Outburst
-Flaming Grog removed, standard attack now causes area damage
-Clan Allegiance removed
-Scattershot replaced with Storm Generator
-Pulverizer has Mass Shot
-Rune Duration increased from 45 to 60, mana cost increased from 200 to 250
-Bloodlust mana cost increased from 100 to 125
-Hibernation mana cost increased from 75 to 100
-Ogre Magi mana maximum decreased from 400 to 300
-Warlock mana maximum reduced from 450 to 350
-Obliterate damage increased from 30/65/100 to 60/125/250
-Clear Cut damage increased from 75/150/225 to 125/250/325
-Healing Spray damage healed increased from 30/45/60 to 50/65/80
-Incendiary Bomber damage increased from 20 to 45
-Assassinate damage increased from 120/240/360 to 150/300/450
-Combust is now a remotely triggered ward

-Animal War Training removed
-Monastery merged into Barracks
-Replenish Mana and Life moved to Field Generator
-Blacksmith and Lumber Mill merged into Academy
-Shock and Awe removed
-Engineer removed
-Resistant Armor repplaced with Legion
-Siege Engine now has Barrage by default, new upgrade: Pulse Cannon
-Cluster Rockets is now a tier 3 upgrade
-Rocket Bomb (Rocket Strike) can now be upgraded to level 2
-Removed Foundry
-Human sea units no longer have armor upgrades, Battleship has Robust Cannon upgrade
-Field Generator now has Replenish Life and Mana, a magic attack, increased gold cost, and requires a Mage Sanctum
-Ale Screen Removed
-Savant Mage mana maximum mana reduced from 460 to 400
-Cannon Assault AoE increased from 150 (melee range) to 250
-Rocket Speheres now deals siege damage
-Replicate now creates one drone at all three levels, drone attack damage increased from 13/17/21 to
-Critical Sector ranged damage bonus oncreased from 25% to 40%
-Bind damage increased from 100/225/375 to 225/350/500
-Comradeship damage buff increased from 6-18/10-25/15-33 to 10-22/15-30/20-38
-Omega Bursts replaced with Gravity Well
-Resurrection man cost raised from 200 to 300 and dead revived raised from 6 to 12
-Hopper movement speed reduced by 20%

-Removed Consume from Scourge
-Ravager movement speed over land reduced, now has movement bonus over water
-Executioner reworked
-Torn Sky removed
-Metasis mana cost increased from 110 to 250
-Mince mana cost increased from 90 to 150
-Burning Barrier damage increased from 10/20/30 to 25/50/75
-Devastate AoE range increased by 60%
-Secretion damage increased from 60/90/120 to 60/120/240, duration set to 30 seconds at all levels
-Derelict lumber cost increased from 180 to 250

-Volatile Blood no longer damages Reavers
-Incursor gold cost reduced from 225 to 125, mana bank removed
-Murky Gaze area of effect reduced, cooldown increased from 35 to 60 seconds
-Spawning Grounds lumber cost reduced from 125 to 60
-Naga hall food production increased from 10 to 16
-Urchin Turtle now requires 8 transport slots
-Dark Fold removed
-Harbinger now a fortified siege unit
-Myrmidon mana maximum reduced from 450 to 350
-Summon Reef Elemental replaced with Watery Wrath
-Urchin Turtle now has Normal damage type, movement speed reduced by 50%, has Escort
-Hydralings now have small armor, and magic attack
-Hydra has magic attack
-Draken now has Slow Poison as a standard attack, Barbed Tail removed, mana maximum increased from 100 to 125
-Breach is now a research and Calcify is available by default
-Submerged removed from Naga units - Deemed too powerful in combination with Eternal Well and amphibious movement

-Gryphon Rider/Dragon/Stygian Monarch/Couatl attack type changed from Magic to Normal
-Towers require Buildable condition
-Swindler reworked into Coinbaron
-Experimental units reworked into standard units
-AI smart casting improved
-Decoy reworked to create stronger fake units
-Hit Point bonus per strength point increased from 25 to 50, defense bonus increased from .3 to .6


-Fixed bug where devoured units triggered afterburn
-Orc AI works
-Gash tooltip fixed

-Bind target buff effect location fixed
-Revival tooltip fixed
-Footman birth sound range fixed

-Fury duration now works correctly
-Blight Aura buff displays correctly

-Pressure Chamber no longer mentions Wind Serpent

-Creep abilities should now conform to the QWER/ASDF/ZXCV pattern
-Fixed Greed Vault text display


-Naga building ground textures changed to Night Elf


Balance Changes:

-Mumbo Priest hit points reduced to 1200 to 900
-Warlock replaced with a permanent transformation spell on the Mumbo Priest
-Fade Step replaced with Assassinate
-Blades of Durotar mana increased from 110 to 150
-Evasion now causes passive permanent invisibility
-Abduct mana reduced from 140 to 100

-Conceal mana cost increased to 125 from 100
-Removed Bulwark
-Battleship range increased from 750 to 850

-Poison Bite and Barbed Tail now require a Resevoir Vault
-Wind Serpent removed
-Myrmidons, Incursors, and Drakens no longer move when submerged. This is a balance consideration to offset the regernation and movement bonus Naga units have in water.
-Parasite replaced by Desiccate
-Couatl's no longer benefit from Sharpened Claws
-Incursors can now be upgraded with Shell Bash
-Sea Witch and Tempered Guard now cost 5 food
-Coral Bed replaced with Coral Guardian
-Devour Mana replaced by Illusory Wail
-Urchin Turtle now has Kraken Call

-All heroes have increased armor via a base armor of Strength (7), Agility (5), Intelligence (4)


-Naga bounty rewards fixed


-Grapple renamed Abduct
-Winds of Durotar renamed Blades of Durotar

-Battlecarrier renamed Battleship

-Incursor model now allows shading
-Draken missile model changed
-Chilling Silence renamed to Chilling Wail
-Siren has new skin/icon


Balance Changes:

-Pulverizer armor increased from 8 to 10, damage increased from 24 to 28
-Juggernaut damage increased from 32 to 48
-Barge removed, Pulverizer can now carry 8 units

-Argonaut armor reduced from 6 to 4, damage increased from 20 to 26
-Battleship replaced with Battlecarrier
-Fire Support Replaced with Starburst

-Torn Sky now costs 100 mana

-Blink costs 50 mana now
-Harvester food cost increased from 2 to 4
-Sea Witch added
-Leviathan now has Breach, and can learn Calcify
-Reaver can learn Volatile Blood

-Naga flag model attachment removed
-Ruined Lock upkeep levels fixed
-Fixed some sea pathing issues on Ruined Lock
-Slave model now has correct swim aniamtions when carrying resources
-Slave now has correct repair


-Insane AI now function at all difficulty settings with triggered variiations


-Siege Magnate has temporary skin/model

-Altar of Oversight model now fits with other altars, renamed to Altar of Overseers

-Upgrade buff icons added for Naga

-Unit health bars are now split in to 25% increments


Balance Changes:

-Drudge removed, build lists consolidated, Peon hit points increased from 250 to 380
-Salamander Vizier no longer has Abolish Magic or Bloodlust

-Sanctuary Gem and Ivory Tower no longer have techtree requirements
-Peasant and Engineer gold cost reduced from 75 to 50
-Retribution Wagon hit points increased from 500 to 575

-Reformation replaced with Torn Sky
-Mauling Armor chance reduced from 35% to 5%
-Stygian Monarch hit points reduced from 1350 to 1200
-Harbinger hit points reduced from 1775 to 1700
-Corrus hit points reduced from 575 to 480
-Lost gold intake rate reduced by 25%
-Shambler build time increased from 14 to 18 seconds
-Derelict mana reduced from 800 to 700
-Harbinger gold cost increased from 275 to 475

-Naga introduced
-Removed Consumptionist - it was a test bed for Naga abilitties


-Scourge Bones Chimes replaced with Orb of Souls
-Quench Life casts correctly now
-Fixed Consume hotkey

-Corrected radius on enhanced Vision, True Sight, and Unveil
-Removed unused systems


-Removed custom Outpost model/icon

-New terrain: (2)Ruined Lock
-Enemy player can no longer buy items from your mobile shop
-Creep item tables expanded significantly and are now based on what kind of creep was killed - e.g. a Mur'gul Snarecaster will drop a scroll or other magic based item


Balance Changes:

-Giant Sea Turtle attack range decreased from 900 to 800
-Hex range increased
-Barge armor increased from 3 to 5
-Voodoo Trap replaced with Voodoo Rune

-Hammer of Thor no longer destroys trees
-Altar of Kings no longer has Reclaim
-Bulwark attack range decreased from 900 to 800
-Phoenix Rise mana cost increased from 100 to 175
-Spell Shield bonus added to Fire Support
-Halt and Hammer of Thor cast range increased
-Hopper capacity increased from 5 to 8, move speed reduced from 160 to 130, food cost increased from 1 to 2
-Dematerialize range increased to infinite, mana cost now 80/70/60/50

-Lost gold intake lowered to +7
-Blight Growth area increased by 33%, mana cost increased from 50 to 100
-Mana Current bonus decreased from 1/2 to .5/1
-Predictive Eye replaced with Nullify on Corrus
-Nullify replaced with Shadowplay - Evasion that starts at 2% and increases by 2% per level on attack up to 60% and remains until no enemy units are in the immediate area.
-Mana Shield replaced with Blight Aura
-Derelict armor increased from 2 to 6
-Razor maximum mana reduced to 400 from 500
-Mince bonus reduced from 300% to 250%
-Altar of Oversight lumber cost reduced from 200 to 75
-Rift/bastion/Parapet food produced increased from 8 to 12
-Noxium duration reduced from 30 to 20 seconds, no longer targets air units
-Carrion Migration now costs 90 mana, no longer targets structures
-Secretion now costs 70 mana
-Adjutant totally reworked

-Decoys are now purchased at the Mercenary Camp


-Fixed Afterburn bug that would cause it to cast again
-Devour buff now has correct icon

-Hammer of Thor was causing slight lag
-Mana Fog no longer triggered by flying units
-Submerged Argonaut pathing adjusted
-Reclaim upgrade requirements fixed (referenced Workshop)

-Nightmare's description still referenced Unbridled Frenzy
-Acid Burst has upgrade buff
-Metasis hotkey/button position corrected
-Harbinger no longer has mana
-Toxic Carapace learn hotkey fixed

-Corrected War Club description
-Greed Vault no longer requires level 6
-Decoy no longer produces an unusable shadow when targeting certain units

-All Orc and Human structures now dispel blight
-Adjusted Mine and creep locations on Typhoon to prevent unprovoked creep aggros while moving troops
-Numerous unit pathing fixes on Typhoon
-Triggers now only run if the unit that uses them has been created
-Altars no longer require a Barracks/Outpost/Aperture
-Adjusted flying height of air units +100 units
-Sight radius of all units has been lowered


-Barracks renamed to Outpost, has new model/icon (racial flavor)
-Transport Ship renamed to Barge

-Combat Engineer names revised

-Desectrator has new sound set
-Scourge/Ignited Scourge has new sound set

-Adjusted how unit descriptions are written in context of ability lists
-Loading screen set to default, version number now appears in map title


Balance Changes:

-Blaster gold cost reduced from 500 to 300, Siege damage reduced from 33 to 26, Chain Lightning replaced with a secondary lightning attack that deals 5 times damage to sea units, Overflow upgrade removed
-Pulverizer gold cost reduced from 320 to 280, lumber cost increased from 85 to 110
-Transport build time increased to 15 seconds
-Warthog gold cost reduced from 320 to 280
-Giant Sea Turtle gold cost reduced from 330 to 285, lumber cost increased from 65 to 90
-Scattershot damage incresed from 15 - 50 to 25 - 100
-Cannon Assault AOE increased from 95 to 150, damage per hit increased from 15 to 45
-Warlock movement speed reduced to 270 from 320
-Horde Mentality max bonus decreased from 50% to 40%
-Targeting area reduced for Cannon Fodder

-Militia attack damage increased from 11 to 22, cooldown reduced from 1.2 to .8
-Siege Engine gold cost reduced from 520 to 320, Barrage now targets all enemy units and deals 3 times damage to sea units
-Sheep now have a 15 second stock start delay
-Hopper build time increased to 15 seconds
-Harasser gold cost reduced from 290 to 250
-Resistant Armor no longer behaves as hero armor. It was too much of an advantage to be immune to so many spells. It now reduces all spell and magic damage by 50%.
-Siege Engine secondary attack damage reduced from 42 to 36
-Farm Depot/Bombard Depot have new sound set
-Retribution Wagon movement speed reduced from 270 from 320
-Refined Smithing now at Lumber Mill
-Arcane Field duration increased from 30 to 45 seconds
-Wreck damage multiplier reduced from 2 to 1.5

-Derelict build time increased from 15 to 18 seocnds, gold cost reduced from 290 to 220, lumber cost increased from 80 to 160
-Ravager gold cost reduced from 590 to 480, lumber cost increased from 110 to 225
-Rift cost now identical to Great Hall and Town Hall
-Mauling Armor no longer affects mechanical units
-Eradicate now based on Phoenix Fire
-Duplicast mana costs increased by 50 mana, Duplicast upgrade cost increased from 280 to 350
-Cede no longers adds Essence, and many not target workers
-Brute is a now a mechanical ranged unit
-Pummel chance reduced from 25% to 20%
-Essence lifesteal increased to 20%

-War Club number of hits increased from 1 to 3

-Mercenary Camps no longer sell basic creeps
-Added Privateer Wharfs to Crystal Lake
-Altars now require a Barracks/Aperture instead of an Elven Lumber Mill/War Forge/Sieve
-Transport and Hopper build times increased to 15 seconds
-Heavy siege units rebalanced to fall in line with racial traits in terms of strength Lost->Human->Orc



-Replicate description fixed
-Fire Burst now has correct buff
-Refined Smithing buff now correctly shows on Riflemen and Footmen after researching Refined Smithing
-Huntress revive text fixed
-Packbeast has hit point regeneration
-Hibernation functions correctly

-Cede upgrade location set to 0,1
-Noxium description fixed
-Pummel no longer fires on mechanical units or structures
-Duplicast upgrade buff now shows on Derelict
-Stedding no longer heals enemies
-Scourge now correctly gains hit points when attacking

-Derivative Wealth and Whirlpool now require level 6
-Tempered Myrmidon now costs 5 food
-Tempered Myrmidon no longer shows 3 supply capacity

-Repair gold/lumber cost and time now match unit costs for buildings and mechanical units
-Optimized a number of skins to reduce imported file size
-Hero icon location changed so hotkeys do not compete with neutral hero hotkeys
-Game Options function correctly now


-Mound has new sound set
-Error messages for Cannon Fodder more specific

-Retribution Wagon has new model/icon
-Model size of Hopper increased by 20%
-Mana Fog has new icon
-Bulwark death animation fixed

-Sieve and Aperture model scale reduced by 10%
-Mince has new icon
-Terminus Crux has new model
-Terror buff effect changed

-Various custom icons deemed unnecessary replaced with standard icons
-Model size of experimental units decreased roughly 10%


Balance Changes:

-Pulverizer gold cost reduced from 380 to 320
-Juggernaut gold cost reduced from 510 to 400, base armor increased from 15 to 16
-Dragon gold cost reduced from 630 to 580
-Spiked Barricades dmage return increased from 4/12 to 8/18, gold cost of level 2 increased from 50 to 125
-Lumber Harvesting upgrade replaced by Raging Boars upgrade

-Retribution Wagon base damage increased from 6 to 16
-Phoenix health lowered from 1250 to 850, decay rate reduced from -25 to -15
-Argonaut gold cost reduced from 300 to 250
-Battleship gold cost reduced from 460 to 350
-Gryphon Rider gold cost reduced from 580 to 520
-Improved Masonry has 3 levels again
-Barracks, Lumber Mill, and Blacksmith now have Reclaim. Reclaim is now a research

-Ravager gold cost reduced from 590 to 450
-Unbridled Frenzy renamed to Frenzy and is now a passive that increases attack damage every attack as long as an enemy unit is within attack range
-Terror checks for research
-Dark Retreate is now Dark Fold, found on the Ravager
-Incursus removed, I found it had no real purpose as it was orignally the medium naval unit as sort of morphed into a semi-useful air unit. Four air units is too many.
-Stygian Monarch gains Phase
-Abyss now requires Parapet

-Crystal Lake: Adjusted cliff height so units are slightly farther away
-Crystal Lake: Line of Sight blockers added around exterior creep camps to give them more purpose
-Warrior and Elementalist removed. Promethian Crusher, Burster, and Vessel added. My goal is make mercenary units something people actually want to buy.
-Tempered Myrmidon added to Tavern
-Formation ranks adjusted
-Paradise Shoals: Players set to FFA, Marketplace replaced with Mercenary Camp, slight terrain changes to improve naval pathing


-Footman model now correctly loads after Refined Smithing is researched
-Retribution Wagon description corrected

-Sheep, Arcane Despository, Packbeast, and Void Aide no longer included in Assault

Cosmetic Changes:

-Cleansing Beams now displays lightning effect on first cast, thanks to Maker

-Voting options are now integrated into starting halls via a spellbook
-Gold Mine texture removed
-When playing as NE (Human) tech tree precentages now show correctly in score screen
-Neutral heroes button location moved to avoid conflict with racial hero hotkeys


Balance Changes:

-Runes replaced with Hibernation
-Magnate redone
-Troll Ancestry removed, Berserk attack speed bonus increased to 100%
-Endurance Aura (Altar of Blood / Mound) replaced with Clan Allegiance
-Inner Strength hit points bonus increased from 50 to 100, and gold cost increased from 50 to 125
-Ascension magic reduction increased from 70 to 75%
-Berserker Regeneration increased from .8 to 1 hit point per second

-Pressure Mine replaced with Fire Burst
-Fire Support mana cost reduced from 90 to 65, and cooldown from 25 to 15
-Cleansing Beams damage reduced from 150/200 to 75/140
-Dematerialize mana cost reduced from 80 to 60
-Hopper now has Ale Screen
-Soul Imitation has been replaced with Resistant Armor which provides hero like armor against magic damage. Negative effects will have the same duration as they would on heroes. Soul Imitation was not providing a racial benefit as it was intended to.
-Demolition Team now has Resistant Armor (racial ability)
-Thors Might replaced with research option Refined Smithing
-Lumber Mill/Blacksmith upgrades re-divided
-Footmen now have Defend by default, % chance increased to 50% from 30%, non-reflected damage taken decreased from 50% to 25%
-Sheep stock maximum reduced from 4 to 3
-Long Rifles merged in Marksmanship, gold cost increased from 100 to 150

-Conflagration replaced with Corpse Burn
-Reformation max healed reduced from 25 per second (625) to 10 per second (250)
-Essence now provides a 10% life steal when off blight. This is a further incentive to be aggressive.
-Dark Retreat and Reformation now have a cast range of 10000, Reformation is now an 650 area target spell for 185 mana that lasts 15 seconds
-Reprisal now a starting ability and deals 25% of melee attack damage back to the enemy (can be upgraded to 33%), Terror must be researched
-Toxic Carapace no longer returns damage
-Corpse Burn duration reduced from 15 to 10 seconds
-Ravager movement speed reduced to 90 from 125
-Derelict movement speed reduced from 200 to 150
-Cede redone. It now generates a copy of a target organic non-hero non-neutral unit. You are required to have the food cost of the target unit available. It does not transfer racial abilities, upgrades, or buffs. The copy will gain Essence.
-Corrus food cost increased to 2
-Razor food cost increased to 3
-Consume has mana cost and cooldown
-Scourge was replaced with Desecrator and Nightmare removed from summon list on Derelict

-Heroes now have Assault rather than support air units
-Crystal Lake terrain revised, added Tavern


-Dragon skin now matches Dragon Roost
-Berserker now references Berserker Regeneration instead of Troll Regeneration in unit description
-Envenomed Spears now works with Max Tech voting option

-Hopper spell animation fixed
-Rapid Chambering now correctly increases fire rate by 20%
-Footman model removed due to animation issues

-Collateral Destruction references Scorch instead of Immolation
-Terminus Cruxs can be repaired
-Terror chance and duration are now correct in the description
-Derelict now directly summons units rather than using a spellbook. This was done as there was no way around the mana cast issues inherent to control groups and spellbooks. The result is a much more user friendly unit.
-Proxy summon upgrade no longer allows a player to go over the food limit
-Stygian Bastille references Desecrator instead of Leech
-Noxium cast range adjusted (It was set too low and interfered with casting)
-Mana Circulation and Conduit FX now works with Max Tech voting option
-Blade Shards now correclty assigns damage

Cosmetic Changes:

-Mistress renamed to Huntress, new icon
-Giant Sea Turtle has new icon
-Bloodlust has new icon
-Altar of Blood renamed to Mound

-Elite Rifleman renamed Combat Engineer

-Collateral Destruction has new icon
-Ravager has new model/icon
-Mana Current buff effect changed

-Unit movement art speeds now match real movement speeds


Balance Changes:

-Secretion has a 15 second cooldown


-Riflman portrait, Icon replaced

-Cede upgrade hotkey and description
-Carrion Migration learn tooltiip description
-Ravager requirement
-Flesh Mites requirement

-Crystal Lake naval structure AI
-Crystal Lake terrain modified. Creep camps moved, more detail added, moved the north central land bridge to be equadistant from both start locations


Balance Changes:

-Bloodlust attack speed increase lowered from 40% to 30%
-Afterburn chance increased from 25% to 33%

-Sheep may now be bought at Farm Depots at a cost of 40 gold and 5 lumber to produce 3 food

-Impale replaced with Blade Shards
-Fulgor removed
-Shadow mana cost reduced from 175 to 150
-Unbridled Frenzy no longer deals self damage
-Nightmare Palette cost reduced by 50 mana, attack range increased to 100 from 90 to match Ogre Magi and Paladin, armor increased by 2
-Dark Ward replaced with Mana Shield
-Petrification Aura replaced with Acid Burst
-Pain Lord replaced with Hulsk
-Soul Sew now absorbs friendly units, and when the Harbinger makes a kill it gains 25% of the max hit points of the dying (organic) unit
-Monolith functions merged with Obsidian Moor
-Corruption duration increased from 5/7 to 8/12 and cooldown increased from 25 to 40 seconds
-Desecrator reworked to be an organic unit area denial weapon, new model/icon
-Oppressor renamed Scourge, now a two in one unit with a form change from fast-attack ranged to ranged siege
-Executioner remade


-Nomral orc AI loads
-Afterburn no longer has a chance to chain-trigger causing lag

-Lost spawn special effect now only plays for workers and Derelict units
-Palette can no longer be cast in deep water or other obstructed areas
-Corruption max range now functions correctly
-Lost units that are summoned no longer allows food limit to be ignored. I had thought this corrected in the last update.
-Adjutant description
-Oppressors and Stygian Monarchs no longer have mana
-Terror was not firing

-Dummy units no longer have a chance of providing vision
-Numerous trigger optimizations

Cosmetic Changes:

-Rifleman has new model/icon

-Battle Guide model updated

-Lost primary structure model reworked
-Firey Shards has a new projectile model
-Nexus Buffer effects altered
-Overseer renamed to "Altar of Oversight

-Removed Relic custom model, and Circle of Power base


Balance Changes:

-Reduced Hex duration from 7 to 4 seconds, reduced area of effect from 300 to 200
-Warlock now has War Call (replaces Blood Boil), and Chain Heal

-Retribution Wagon now has a small magic attack, and Metal armor
-Rapid Chambering gold cost increased from 150 to 300
-Overwhelm replaced with Pious Hand

-Blight Growth is now AOE cast, area reduced from 512 to 256, cooldown reduced from 25 to 15 seconds
-Dimentional Eye replaced with Predictive Eye
-Incursus HP decreased from 950 to 475, model scale reduced
-Crux and Terminus combined into Terminus Crux to fit more with the aggressive playstyle
-Lost no longer have Mana Barrier
-Crimson monarch has new model/icon no longer has Vile Cocoon, renamed Stygian Monarch
-Siphon Matrix replaced with Dark Ward
-Cede now only requires a Sieve
-Cede reworked to be a sacrifice based ability
-Oppressor can be upgraded with Incinerate


-Last Stand tooltip fixed

-Footman has new model more fitting to WC3
-Replicate Drones now follow correctly when a Elite Rifleman is in a Hopper

-Well of Sorrow correclty increases the level of Impale
-Corruption has new icon
-Anguish now correclty increase upgrade cost per level, has three levels, includes Shambler
-Monolith has standard pathing
-Palette no longer allows food limit to be ignored

-Removed Iron Centurion
-Remnant removed
-Warrior custom model/icons removed
-Elementalist added at Mercenary Shop

-Numerous trigger optimizations
-Altars returned to default location in build que


Balance Changes:

-Cannon Fodder cast restrictions revised to me more precise, removed Last Stand Ward
-Battle Guide collision size reduced
-Transport can no longer hold other vessels

-Critical Sector range reduced from 340 to 325

-Dispense replaced with Eradicate
-Guardians replaced with Mana Rot on Adjutant
-Dimensional eye adjusted to a 25 second duration, damage set to 1/2 HP per second, fixed tooltip
-Forerunner mana cost reduced from 185/145/105 to 145/125/105
-Incursus HP reduced from 1200 to 950
-Leech name changed to Desecrator, scale increased, HP increased from 175 to 250, armor changed to Large, gold cost increased from 95 to 145


-Fixed Spell Shield
-Fixed areas where Submerged Argonauts could escape into shallow water
-Deploted Decimator now costs the same food as undeployed
-Bulwark model decay fixed

-Corrus model now has overhead attachment point, custom missile added
-Fixed missing Forerunner buff model
-Adjutant no longer plays incorrect animation when casting while in stone form
-AI correctly casts Blight Growth

-Decoy error message displays appropriately now

-The Total Score field in the end game stats now displays N/A because it was not an accurate measure due to the use of dummy units for casting spells
-Optimized how unused triggers are handled when certain heroes and races are not present
-Insane AI added
-New terrain: Typhoon


Balance Changes:

-Rig and Orc Shipyard merged, now just Rig
-Orc naval upgrades now at War Forge
-Pulverizer primary attack damage increased from 19 to 24, gold cost increased from 315 to 380, move speed reduced from 300 to 280, primary attack area of effect reduced from 225/235/250 to 180/200/220-Pulverizer
-Juggernait damage increased from 28 to 32, move speed reduced from 270 to 240
-Flaming Grog damage reduced from 2 to 1 hit point per second, no longer reduces attack speed
-Inner Strength is available at tier 1
-Transport movement speed reduced from 320 to 280, turn rate reduced from .4 to .2

-Dematerialize no longer targets amphibious units
-Argonaut primary attack damage reduced from 30 to 20, gold cost reduced from 365 to 300, move speed increased from 200 to 225, now has Rapid Chambering upgrade (lowers attack cooldown from 1.7 to 1.2)
-Human multi-level upgrades now start expensive and become cheaper, as well as have 3 levels - This was done to compensate for cheaper units and the racial passive Soul Imitation
-Hopper no longer repairs enemy mechanical units, or mechanical air units, movmement speed reduced from 220 to 160
-Drone bomb replaced with Fire Support
-Demolition Steed replaced with Demolition Team
-Battleship damage increased from 22 to 26, cooldown reduced from 2 to 1.5. hit points increased from 1700 to 1800

-Lost now use food
-Lost Essence now decays 2 hit points per second off of blight, Lost units gain 3 hit points per second on blight
-Lost naval attack upgrade bonus reduced to 3 per level, Pulverizer and Juggernaut have larger AOE on primary attacks
-Leech gold cost increased from 80 to 95, hit points increased to 175, Inferno replaced with Noxium and Burst

-Iron Cyclops replaced with Iron Automaton
-Removed Purifier

-Unit specific upgrades for Rifleman, and Berserker now at their respective Barracks


-Fixed Lumber Harvesting upgrade name
-Fixed Thorium Ranges Weapons Location

-Foundry no longer repairs enemy units
-Crew now works

-Major crash bug with Lost fixed
-Dark Torture replaced temorarily until lag can be fixed

-Juggernaut decoy no longer has an attack

-Cargo Hold no longer accepts other ships
-Tech tree percentages optimized, eliminated a number of triggers
-AI no longer uses Assault

Cosmetic Changes:

-Pillage passive button moved to 1,1, updated descritpion
-Giant Sea Turtle model altered

-Crew has new icon

-Oppressor team color improved, new death effect

-Creep poison attack no longer has the same buff icon as Envenomed Spears


Balance Changes:

-Warlock costs 75 lumber
-Dragon gold cost reduced from 780 to 630
-Mumbo Priest gold cost reduced from 615 to 480, lumber cost increased to 90
-Juggernaut hit points increased from 1968 to 2000, gold cost increased from 480 to 510, lumber cost increased from 105 to 205
-Blaster gold cost decreased from 660 to 500, lumber cost increased from 60 to 160, has Forked Lightning, Armor Piercing Shells replaced with Overflow
-Battle Guide lumber cost increased from 270 to 400
-Hex no longer targets creeps above level 5
-Supremacy Aura renamed to Horde Mentality, each Orc organic combat unit has HM, when a unit with HM kills it grants firendly units with HM a 5% bonus to attack damage up to 10 kills
-Old Horde Mentality renamed to Last Stand, now creates a timed life ward (Last Stand Ward) at Cannon Fodder target location that provides the bonus in addition to the Battle Guide providing the bonus.
-Envenomed Spears now displays a buff like other upgrades so enemy players can see what that it has been researched, fixed buff description
-Fade Step costs 50 mana at all levels

-Retribution Wagon lumber cost increased from 75 to 125
-Gryphon Rider gold cost decreased from 780 to 580
-Savant Mage gold cost reduced from 615 to 410, lumber cost increased to 60
-Battleship hit points reduced from 1968 to 1700, gold cost reduced from 480 to 460, lumber cost increased from 105 180
-Steam Engine gold cost decreased from 630 to 520, lumber cost increased from 60 to 140, hit points increased to 1100 from 1050
-Soul imitation is now passive for human organic units, lasts 25 seconds, deals 50% damage, takes 2x damage, 45 second cooldown
-Retribution Wagon has Spell Shield
-Cluster Rockets damage reduced from 17.5 per rocket to 10

-Flutter replaced with Vile Cocoon
-Chain Prison replaced with Extricate
-Quench Life mana cost reduced from 200 to 180
-Uncertain Fate replaced with Slaughter
-Void Aide hit points reduced from 375 to 320
-Lost units now cost gold and lumber with exception to workers, and units summoned from the Derelict
-Lost structure gold cost reduced by 20%
-Lost research gold cost reduced by 10%
-Consumed Gold Mine limber cost reduced from 220 to 120
-Terminus move speed increased from 40 to 80
-Mana Current now affects all friendly units and structures at level 1, and increases the bonus to 2 mana per second at level 2
-Possession replaced with Cede
-Shambler HP reduced to 550 from 600
-Nightmare HP reduced from 875 to 730
-Shadow hit poin ts reduced from 220 to 180
-Fulgor hit points increased from 120 to 180
-Monarch max mana reduced from 300 to 200
-Vile Cocoon has mana cost of 150
-Anguish now requires a Bastion for first upgrade
-Mana Barrier available at tier 1
-Aperture build time reduced from 60 to 40 seconds
-Aperture gold cost reduced from 360 to 280
-Overseer gold cost reduced from 340 to 240
-Sieve gold cost reduced from 310 to 275
-Stygian Bastille gold cost reduced from 320 to 260
-Essence behavior changed. Lost units now decay when off of blight at a large rate. Cruxes reduce that rate, eventually to +.5. 9 Crux's are necessary to max out the regeneration upgrade.
-Aperture gold cost reduced from 280 to 220, lumber cost from 190 to 110
-Tainted Fountain AOE decreased from 400 to 300
-Conduit lumber cost reduced from 300 to 220
-Overseer build time reduced from 70 to 35
-Abyss build time reduced from 80 to 37
-Augmenter replaced with Guardian on Adjutant
-Tainted Eye replaced with Dimensional Eye on Corrus
-Cede now requires Reliquary indead of Monolith
-Shadow/Fulgor mana cost increased to 175 from 75
-Lost organic combat units now have Mana Shield, Lost structures no longer have Mana Shield
-Lost structure maximum mana levels adjusted
-Tranfer mana now targets all units, transfer 10 mana per second, and lasts uuntil deactivated/runs out of mana/target is at full mana
-Derelict no longer requires a Bastion
-Lumber harvested per interval reduced from 7 to 6
-Mechanic's Bane renamed to Weather Bane, damage reduced from 85 to 45, targets all non-structure units
-Void Aide sells Cloak of Shadows
-Horn of Rage no longer increases hit point regeneration

-Iron Enforcer replaced with Iron Cyclops
-Greed Vault is now a third normal hero ability
-Deriviative Wealth is now an ultimate
-Inferno Stone duration reduced from 180 to 80

-Upkeep thresholds increased from 75 and 120 to 95 and 130
-Repair cost and time now correct for all structures
-Easy and Normal AI's added


-Fixed bug with Soul Imitation whereby it could drop the item it uses
-Omega Wave dummy no longer uses 2 food

-Mince hotkey fixed
-Adjutant has new sound set
-Corrected Nightmare description

-Assault no longer includes Consumed Mine Tentacles, or other special units, has a 10 second cooldown

Cosmetic Changes:

-Updated Goblin Shipyard model

-Updated Human Shipyard model
-Updated Monastery model
-Sanctuary Gem displays hot key correctly

-Executioner model scale increased
-Lost birth animation model edited so it no longer shows a gap when placed on hills
-Oppressor has new missile model for non-structures

-Decoy model changed


Balance Changes:

-Bloodlust can no longer target mechanical units
-Grunt damage base increased from 10 to 15
-Dragon now has small armor
-Warthog attacks now piercing
-Warlock hit points increased from 410 to 615
-Barracks build time increased to 35 seconds
-Voodoo Temple hit points decreased from 1800 to 1600, build time increaed from 25 to 40, lumber cost increased to 150 from 50
-Rig hit points decreased from 1300 to 1200
-Suppress replaced with Blood Boil

-Footman damage base increased from 9 to 12
-Gryphon Rider now has small armor
-Harasser attacks now piercing
-Rifleman hit points increased to 624 to 725
-Barracks build time increased to 30 seconds
-Mage Sanctum hit points decreased from 1550 to 1450, build time increased from 25 to 35, lumber cost increaased to 120 from 80
-Animal War Training hit point bonus decreased from 125 to 100
-Retribution Wagon Structure mana point bonus increased from 25 to 75, hit point bonus removed
-Resurgence replaced with Soul Imitation
-3rd tower upgrade for Scout Tower added: Field Generator
-Scout Tower defense based reduced from 7 to 5
-Human Transport Ship replaced with Hopper
-Human cargo capacity reduced to 6 from 8
-Lancer replaced with Argonaut (Shallow water restricts submerged Argonauts)
-Pressure mine max damage AOE lowered from 400 to 150
-Barrage now allows attack on ground and air units, damage increased from 32 to 42

-Pummel now only stuns units in an area
-Derelict damage reduced from 24 to 15
-Lost workers no longer have permanent invisibility
-Metasis now has a second level, Monstrosities last 60/12 seconds
-Lost gold intake reduced from 9 to 8 per second
-Oppressor armor reduced from 5 to 3, defense type set to Small from Medium, max HP reduced from 950 to 670
-Derelict now has small armor
-Oppressor main attack now Piercing
-Siphon Matrix is now unique cast
-Nightmare hit points reduced from 1100 to 875
-Shambler base damage reduced from 23 to 19
-Brute hit points reduced from 1400 to 1200
-Razor hit points reduced from 960 to 880
-Corrus hit points reduced from 875 to 575
-Conduit hit points reduced from 1500 to 750
-Stygian Bastille hit points reduced from 1100 to 800
-Abyss hit points reduced from 1400 to 900
-Aperture hit points decreased from 1100 to 950, mana regeneration decreased from 1.6 to 1.5
-Terminus hit points decreased from 1250 to 850
-Crux hit points reduced from 950 to 875
-Obsidian Moor hit points reducred from 1200 to 925
-Essense no longer gives kill credits for structures
-Terror level 2 duration reduced from 20 (tooltip listed 15) to 10
-Brute now takes 4 cargo space
-Dark Torture redone with "1000 Needles"
-Spinal Tap replaced with Spinal Sap
-Replaced Black Magic with Mince

-Removed Keg of Ale from item drop


-Afterburn now uses a GUI damage detection system to correctly trigger
-Transport is no longer called as part of Assault

-Peasant build lists are no longer bugged after reverting from Militia
-Hopper is no longer called as part of Assault

-Pummel now uses a GUI damage detection system to correctly trigger
-Fixed Surge description for Metasis
-Corrus description fixed
-"Must be placed on blight" sound fixed
-Palette now removes units that have insufficient mana from the unit selection. This was the only way to maintain a spell book for proxy summoning.

-Hurl Boulder on Rock Golem now has correct hotkey
-Paradise Shoals correctly restricts Cannon Fodder

-Assault is now unique cast
-Further optimized how unused triggers are disabled

Cosmetic Changes:

-Voodoo Temple has new model courtesy of Retera
-Rig has new sound set
-Blaster has new sound set

-Footman has new sound set
-Footman has new icon
-Gnomish Inventor renamed Gnomish Factory
-Gnomish Factory has new sound set
-Church renamed to Monastery, new model/icon
-Defensive Field renamed to Defensive Ring
-Savant Mage assigned spell animations revised
-Harasser now has a missle pod

-Lost units now display correct tooltip when mousing over a selection in-game
-Tainted Fountain renamed to Tainted Eye, new model/icon

-Warrior has new sound set
-Updated Iron Enforcer icon


Balance Changes:

-Added mobile item merchant: Packbeast
-Battle Guide lumber cost increased from 60 to 270

-Added mobile item merchant: Arcane Depository
-Second Wind now counts Omega Bursts
-Dash n' Slash now has a 15 second cooldown
-Reclaim works correctly
-Removed Backblast from Decimator
-Decimator lumber cost reduced from 300 to 220

-Added mobile item merchant: Void Aide
-Pillar of Wrath replaced with Terminus, attack cooldown increased from .2 to 1.5, build time reduced from 70 to 55, projectile art changed
-Lost naval now deal magic damage


-Behemoth replaced with Battle Guide in Goblin Alchemist description
-Battle Guide tooltip fixed to state that it has no attack

-Omega Wave art fixed
-Church has new soundset
-Demolition Squad chnaged to Demolition Steed

-Harbinger death effect size increased to large
-Consumed Mine Tentacles no longer count as idle workers while being unsummoned
-Conversion now behaves correctly
-Nexus Buffer has new sound set

-Iron Enforcer added as a common mercenary
-Mercenary Camp units for Frigid Wheel now have correct hotkeys

-Added building unit purpose labels to build que for fast reference and ease of understanding for first time players
-Super unit transport size set to 8
-Upkeep marks set to 75/120


Balance Changes:

-Thunder Wyvern added to Warlock (summon)
-Added cooldown to Suppress
-Supremacy Aura no longer works on friendly units
-Range of Giant Sea Turtle reduced from 1150 to 900
-Crushing Blows damage reduced from 25/50/75 to 5/10/15
-Hibernation health regeneration reduced from 20/30/40 to 5/10/15, and mana regeneration increased from 5/5/5 to 10/10/10

-Fixed Decimator collision size
-Assault Drones now die with Elite Rifleman
-Siege Engine Barrage attack cooldown decreased to 2 seconds from 3 seconds
-Cleansing Beams mana cost increased by 15
-Phoenix Rise added to Retribution Wagon (summon)
-Crew now repairs the Battleship
-Range of Bulwark reduced from 1150 to 900

-Monolith removed as requirement for Mana Circulation and Well of Sorrow
-Fixed Harbinger collision size
-Phase Shift replaced with Recompense Aura on Adjutant
-Tainted Fountain mana cost reduced to 155 from 175
-Metasis added to Corrus (summon)
-Lost town halls no longer provide 20 food, food available is now 150 for Lost by default

-Deriviative Wealth no longer activiates when Swindler is dead
-Derivative Wealth values adjusted to: 1/2/3 gold per 600 enemy gold
-Liquidate no longer targets massive organic units
-Derivative Wealth gain capped at 10 gold per second
-Vengeance Countdown replaced with Gaia Tether on Remnant


-One of Mistress's names changed
-Shaman model/icon updated, name changed to Warlock
-Dragon Roost no longer available at tier 2
-Orc Foundry has new model, name change to Rig
-Demolish has new icon
-Behemoth model replaced, renamed to Battle Guide

-Removed Rifleman model, it isn't worth the kbs
-Fixed Decimator turret not swiveling
-Added description buff to Decimator
-Savant Mage icon updated
-Critical Sector now uses circle of power model
-Comradeship no longer causes first cast lag

-Adjutant has hero glow
-Obsidian Moor selection circle enlarged
-Gameplay interface adjusted for Lost: "Summon more Rifts to hire more units."
-Spawn effect moved from Tainted Fountain to Mana Circulation upgrade on Conduit
-Mana Circulation now has permanent special effect for Conduit
-Fixed Soul Patch buff not showing on melee units
-Shadow icon updated
-Pain Lord now uses cinematic Lich with new skin
-Derelict uses same projectile as Incursus and Ravager
-Restore has new icon
-Crimson Monarch has new missile model
-Harbinger has new model/icon
-Tainted Fountain description revised
-Pillar of Wrath range reduced from 1100 to 800, minimum range removed, maximum targets increased to 3
-Mana Shield has new effect/icon
-Dark Retreat has new target effect model
-Corruption has new effect models

-Mercenary Wharfs moved, renamed to Privateer Wharf
-Mercenary Camps restored, neutral abilities and units now conform to hotkey grid
-Decoy hotkey fixed
-Fire Sale reworked to into Greed Vault
-Warrior added as a common mercenary

-Hero glow color fixed
-Updated game message
-Updated unit priority lists
workers, transports 1
suicidal/basic siege 2
land ranged, naval ranged 3
basic melee, militia 4
mechanical siege, heavy naval 5
basic caster 6
flying support, naval support 7
advanced melee 8
special flying 9
advanced caster 10
heroes 11
experimentals 12
-Assault now customized for each race
-Assault no longer applies to casting unit
-Removed a few unused imports
-Devour, both racial and creep, no longer target suicidal or large organic units
-Feuermaim Fragment tooltip fixed
-New update format

Essence now applies life timer correctly, for reals
Altar of Blood no longer applies Endurance Aura before completion
Church no longer applies Soul Imitation before completion
Map names refer to maximum players
Bottomless Gut no longer takes mana from Swindler
Lost town halls now provide 20 food for hiring neutrals
Fixed Essence buff description
Fixed comma bug is several buff descriptions
Purifier hotkey fixed

Suicidal units now have a 50% chance to explode when targeted with spells, dealing 80 area damage to all ground units
Overwhelm now correctly assigns buffs and bonuses to units
Resurgence now correctly assigns buffs and bonuses to units
Added new neutral heroes: Consumptionist, Remnant
Added two new neutral units: Purifier, Decoy
Mercenary Camps replaced with Mercenary Wharfs
Added new map: Frigid Wheel
Icons for Lost race units/structures redone to be purple team colored
Added Duplicast upgrade for Derelict
Reworked Conflagration
Altar of Blood now has Endurance Aura
Blood Gorge upgrade replaced with Gash
Removed demonic Magnate model/icon
Astral Mage replaced with Valkyrie
Pronus model replaced, and renamed to Corrus
Deadeye replaced with Executioner
Pain Lord reworked
Reclamation Aura replaced with Phase Shift on Adjutant
Field of Agony and Reprisal replaced with on Soul Patch on Harbringer
Impregnable Force replaced with Flesh Mites on Ravager
Flesh Mites removed from Nightmare, no longer has mana
Reprisal (not same spell) upgrade added for Nightmare
Neutral heroes requirements bug fixed
Lost message for targeting a gold mine fixed
Oppressor armor reduced to 5 from 6, removed Scorched Touch, new projectile art
Incursus now has secondary attack for air units
Chroniker removed from Corrus (Pronus)
Teleport removed from Retribution Wagon
Serpentine Shock replaced with Voodoo Trap on Mumbo Warlock (Mumbo Priest)
Mumbo Warlock has new model
Dark Summoning and Spirit Wyvern removed from Shaman, Suppress added, model set to default
Forge and Troll Lumber Mill removed and replaced by War Mill
Farm Depot food production increased from 12 to 16, new model/icon
Gnomish Inventor model set to default Workshop
Orc Ranged Weapons upgrade no longer refers to Spear Thrower
Berserker Strength renamed Inner Strength, fixed research tooltip
Mana Shield has new buff effect
Insidious Cocoon replaced with Flutter on Crimson Monarch
Derelict moved from Stygian Bastille to Obsidian Moor
Cleaving Sword removed from Footman and Paladin
Explosive Munitions replaced with Replicate
Flare replaced with Drone Bomb
Swine Flu has new icon
Updated trigger structure to diable racial triggers when no player of that race is present
Removed medium and high resource options
Many minute balance changes.
Towers now have fortified armor, base armor of towers adjusted
Foundry repair ranges reduced by 50
Siphon Matrix no longer affects mechanical units
Fixed Drudge spelling
Behemoth no longer plays spell animations on failed casts

Many Balance changes to Lost
Necrolye replaced by Shaman
Retribution Wagon is no longer magic immune
Decimator is magic immune
Astral Mage replaced with Valkyrie - currently lacks ultimate
Added new neutral hero: Swindler
Removed Shadow Crossing from Pronus
Sappers and Demolition Squad HP reduced to 70
Healing on Paladins no longer bugs
Healing and Bloodlust are now available without research

---There are far too many changes to be documented, no unit was left as it was.---
Lost race added
Batrider and War barge replaced by Warthog.
Warbird and Dirigible replaced by Harasser.
Experimental units added
Heroes re-done
Hundreds of small balance changes
Many art updates

Rank removed, there was no way to do it without causing fatal errors eventually
Tech percentage is correctly displayed in stats when max tech vote is passed
Psychotic Hook correctly launches now, it was requiring Spinning Shards to be trained
Ogre Supremacy no longer gives a level to upgraded Ogres, for real this time
Temple of the Damned no longer lists Void as an upgrade
Overwhelm now displays the special effect that was supposed to go with it
All negative real values removed from dummies, this should fix the random fatal errors
Incendiary Bomber damage reduced from 40 to 20 per second
streamlined AI
Updated Brilliance Aura buff to specify .25 gain
Purifier Deploy now uses "d" for both commands
Purifier now has Sweeping Beams
Crushing Blows no longer moves the Forgotten One creep on Glacial Bays
Keep/Castle/Stronghold/Fortress upgrade times doubled
Arcane Labratory and Hollow no longer refer to super-units in the singular
Pig Farm reverted to Burrow
Farm name changed to FarSupply Houseit was never really a farm
Salvation Spire now has Bolster
Bloodlust dropped back to 40% attack speed increase from 60% - at 60% a fully upgraded magi does 1739.5 average damage in 40 seconds, at 40% a magi does 1157.5 in 40 seconds. This assumes that every possible hit is made and average

damage per hit is 23.5.
Hammer of Thor now behaves correctly, updated tooltip as well
Runes mana cost decreased to 110
Revival mana cost reduced to 250
Fixed Technician model causing fatal errors, the model file was corrupted
AI now casts Cleanse, Corruption, Runes, and Hammer of Thor correctly
Hammer of Thor no longer leaves behind fatal error causing dummies
Hotkeys restructured to the 4x3 grid so that everything is uniform:
Armor Piercing Shells now allows targeting of all ground units
Barrage base damage increased to 32
Foundries can no longer repair themselves
Searing Bullet now deals 800 damage to a single unit
Naval Towers now to Normal damage to ships instead of siege
When Death Knights cast Raise Dead within 512 of a Brazier a Skeletal Mage will also be created
Sappers and Demolition Squads now have upgrades for speed and damage
Many minor aesthetic alterations

orb of annihilation on autocast, fix description
necrolyte/inquisitor adept does not need same structure req.
Can retrain kodo and Purifier
make trigger to animate taverns a "pick every unit in group"
Teleport doesnt take mechanical, reduce cast time to 5 seconds
Dark summoning needs higher cast time, 3 secponds
Make ability lists for all units in description match order in unit
Archer/Axe Thrower armor decreased to 5 and 6
Healing now heals for 150 health
Brilliance Aura should tell bonus in description
Archer/Axe Thrower magic immune ability descriptions made more clear
All armor and weapon generic upgrades display bonus for each affected units
Archer attack range increase by how much %?
soul sentry no longer works on buildings or mechanical units
specify ogre is alive for ogre replace - stops graphical glitch
Necrolyte armor reduced to unarmored
Catapult secondary attack removed
Catapult and Ballista range increased by 150
Orc Barracks hit points increased to 1400 and Human Barracks decreased to 1300
Cost of melee upgrades increased significantly
Purifier no longer harms friendly/player owned units
Sappers/Demolition Squad now available at tier 1 and cost 30 gold less
Player 5 and 7 defeat messages now correct
Air units selection circle "on water" set to default, False
For non-AI players you will now get one secondary worker in your starting units
keep/castle upgrades need more specific descritpions
Naval towers damage to ships increased by 100 and damage type changed to normal
Add all research done mode
Remove Boiler model and use revivealtar/icon
Furion mana drain reduced from -3 to -2 per second
Quench of life drain set to 5 HP per second from 30
Added 10 seconds to voting period
Reclaim now returns 60% of lumber as well
replaced technician missle with a sawblade model
Update Berserker model
Kodo now has a ranged attack from the hut
Honor Bound has new icon
Reclaim has new icon
Magnate, Astral Mage, Deadeye, Sea Turtle have new model/icon
Incendiary Bombs has new bomber model
Sentinel has new icon
Chomp removed from Sea turtle, changed to ranged unit, damage base increased to 40, lumber cost increased by 20, armor type changed to metal, attack type normal
Gnomish Submarine attack type changed to normal, hp reduced to 725
Lingering Glory has new icon
Archer/Axe Thrower show upgrades as passive abilities
Troll Destroyer/Elven Destroyer/Orc Transport have new icons
Shadow Mistress has new model/icon
Removed Crypt Lord and Myrmidon Guard at Haven
Added Lightning Mage at Haven
Replaced Haste with Frost on Death Knight
Demolish has new icon
Added War Barge and Dirigible
Salvation Spire no longer restricted to 1 and significantly cheaper
Faerie Dragon now requires Salvation Spire
Recalled units now Hold by default
Added medium and high resources modes
Haven has new model
Marketplace now sells a list of items geared more towards the post worldtree lore
Replaced Scortched Earth with Nullify on Death Knight
Gave Dark Summoning to Death Knight
Altar of Teron now requires Necrolyte Adept Training and Grasp does not
Removed Cloud from Inquisitor
Death and Decay has new icon
Horde Mentality now displays damage bonus above target when attacking units are below 50% of max health
Disruption replaced with Corruption on Necrolyte
Phoenix Rise replaced with Arcane Protection on Resurrection Wagon
Updated AI to include new units in build and attack ques
Healing now an auto-cast ability and is active by default after Healing research
Drarven Rifleman replaced Bowmaster
Astral Mage has new model
New neutral hero: Magmalord, reworked Firelord
Berserk replaced Cannibalism on Grunt, requires Beserk Rage upgrade
Nom Mana replaces Polymorph on Mage
Archer no longer has Hide
Added Arcane Laboratory for Ressurection Wagon and Purifier as well as Battle Assistance upgrade for Archers and Swordsmen
Added Hollow for Durnholde Warrior and Dominion Kodo as well as Blood Gorge upgrade for Axe Throwers
AI now trains magic air and assault air at tier 2
removed green blight effect
Brazier now produces corpses
Salvation Spire now has Replenish Mana and Life
Runes now costs 145 mana and only damages enemies
Illusive Strike replaced by Aura of Fright
Cleanse costs 100 mana
Dragon has new skin
Horde Mentality now displays whole numbers
Submerged Sub can no longer move underwater, but has a 18 hp damage shield
Supremacy Bonus no longer gives a level to Ogres when upgraded to Ogre Magi
Added Agitant and Myrmidon Survivor hero at tavern
Hall uprades now cost 600 and 935 gold
defeat message no longer plays at start of game for observers
Healing Spray no longer heals enemy units
Spirit Link replaces Void
Fixed Negate Time buff
Removed large portions of custom scripts dealing with damage detection and a conflicting version of CSCache to address fatal errors
Removed custom scripted AI for standard AI Editor AI to address fatal errors
AI now makes use of all custom spells via triggered scenarios
Bloodlust attack speed bonus increased to 60% from 40%, cooldown inceased to 8 seconds from 16
Super units no longer restricted to one unit per game
Ogre Magi cost lowered to 280
Dual Adaptation damage decreased to 45, silence decreased to 2 seconds, mana cost increased to 95, and cooldown increased to 15 seconds
Cleaving Sowrd damager reduced to 5% from 15%
Animal War Training description now correctly says 125
Time Stop replaced by Starfall on Astral Mage
Spells now correclty assign credit for kills
All weapon, armor, and spell upgrade research time doubled

Added Faerie Dragon and Furion magic flying units
Added Boiler Orc structure
Attack damage further reduced by 20% and build times for most units decreased by 5 seconds and buildings by 10
Minor terrain corrections
Workers now carry 12 gold per load
Crushing Blow now does 1/6th the damage it did before
Necrolyte now has Grasp instead of Orb of Annihilation
Dominion Kodo now has correct damage reduction
Mines have the default 12500 gold again

All 6 racial heroes drastically alerted or replaced
3 new neutral heroes
Purifier re-tasked as Alliance super-weapon, trained at Altar of Storms
Added Dominion Kodo as Horde super-unit, trained at Altar of Storms
Added Resurrection wagon
Removed Land Mine and Firewall from Sappers and Demolition squad
Updated credits
Minor terrain improvements to 4v4 map
Combat unit attack damage for selected units decreased by another 40%
Major AI improvements
Two new maps
Cleanse no longer targets workers and Salvation tower can no longer be charged by killing own peasants
Archers and Axe Throwers are no magic resistant
Buffed Torpedo to deal 15 damage a second for 15 seconds
Teleport replaces Hellfire Blast on Mage
Soul Sentry replaces Sleep on Death Knight
Sentinel and Anti-magic Shell replace Sanctuary and Monsoon on Inquisitor
Orb of Annihilation replaces Land Consumption on Necrolyte
Tech limit option added
Hero limit option added
Global pathing option added to 2 and 4 player maps
Credits update

Removed Seed
New terrain - 8 players, room for 9
build speed research upgrade for human
naval no longer have fortified armor
Hammer of Thor is unique cast and onger causes desyncs
Air units now correctly require tech 3 structures
added space in Final Blow tooltip
Bowmaster tooltip fixed
20% attack damage reuction to all units across the board: goal is to make combat last longer
Big Bad Voodoo no longer affects mechanical units
New Orc unit: Durnholde Warrior at Altar of Blood
New Human Unit: Purifier at Mage Tower, and Salvation Tower
Revival now requires 300 mana
Crypt Lord replaces Pitlord at Tavern
50 move speed increase to all non-naval and non-summoned units
Flying Machine and Zeppelin can see significantly farther
Split buildings between workers for each race
Significant AI improvements

Eye of Killrogg can no longer be targeted by ground units and selection circle shows on water
Hearty Web is now 75% transparent and actually increases healing percentage at level 2
Broodlines description now correctly shows 20x range
Stalker model size decreased
Seed AI now now longer shoots itself in the foot overusing burrow
Nasty bug with progenerate fixed
AI heroes now level correclty
Suggested player field updated
Pulverize, Command Aura, Spell Feedback now shows levels in tooltip
How the AI is created, named, and deals with hero revival made more efficient
added Altars back to Orcs and Humans
Altar of Storms (ogre upgrade structure) renamed to Altar of Blood
Fixed Ogre upgrades button positions
Replaced Far Sight with Track
remade AI
increased Hunter hp by 200

Removed Seed
New terrain - 8 players, room for 9
build speed research upgrade for human
naval no longer have fortified armor
Hammer of Thor is unique cast and onger causes desyncs
Air units now correctly require tech 3 structures
added space in Final Blow tooltip
Bowmaster tooltip fixed
20% attack damage reuction to all units across the board: goal is to make combat last longer
Big Bad Voodoo no longer affects mechanical units
New Orc unit: Durnholde Warrior at Altar of Blood
New Human Unit: Purifier at Mage Tower, and Salvation Tower
Revival now requires 300 mana
Crypt Lord replaces Pitlord at Tavern
50 move speed increase to all non-naval and non-summoned units
Flying Machine and Zeppelin can see significantly farther
Split buildings between workers for each race
Significant AI improvements

Return Resources button for Seed fixed
Bile Pit build description fixed
unexpected charge no longer shows death knight
Mariner selection circle shows on water
fixed neutral hostile point values that Extrude uses to calculate lumber
removed BloodBath and replaced with Pulse
nerfed stalker substantially
increased Hulsk cost and lowered hp by 200
Corrosive Microbes now affects mechanical units and structures
decreased Dragoon hp by 100
Fixed Cleansing Fire
Dragon and Gryphon rider cost 200 gold less
added Warbird and Batrider
added Sanctuary to Inquisitor(Apprentice) and Dark Summoning to Necrolyte
Dragoon damage rediced to 11 from 14
All human and orc units and buildings have +3 to base armor
poison sting buff fixed
beast damage reduced to 7 from 10
Unexpected Charge now costs mana
fixed Bile Pit movement
Entangle no longer attacks air units
Reactive Traits now affects Bleed
harvester now has flesh instead of ethereal armor

fixed Slow description
removed burrowed unit regen
fixed replenish description
reduced Harvester lumber capacity to 10
reduced base hitpoints of Paladin by 50 and bonus from Animal War Training by 25
doubled torpedo damage
increased Chomp duration by 10 seconds
Spinners sound set changed
replaced Chamber model
added Moisture Comb
added Mariner
Stalker can no longer attack air
fixed author line
fixed bug where Death Knight would become unusable to the AI
rebalanced Seed units and lumber intake
Harvesters must now be obtanied from corpses
Added Normal and Insane Seed AI
New Dragons Breath on Dragon
Seed AI now functions correctly
Remade lumber collection system
added siphon upgrade to Seed
nerfed Blood Bath
Fixed Broodlord commands
decreased AoT damage from 125 to 100
heroes have abilities again

Implemented Seed race
Replaced many Human and Orc spells
Map is now all GUI

nerfed dragon splash damage and dragon breath duration -1.5 extra damage, attack splash roughly cut by 50%
removed black mask
removed floating rocks
fixed death coil ability desc.
added Swordsman upgrade
added Inferno Tower uprade
new map Kuro

fixed submerged gnomish sub armor upgrade and sound
added naval oriented mine locations
fixed skeleten UI showing it could be upgraded
fixed spiked barricade description
added mercenary shops
added Last Blow to Castle
revenge of Quel'tallas, Runes, Altar of Teron now GUI
exorcism replaced with Cleaving Sword, as well as added to Knight
extended and rework terrain
slow set to defaut active on mage
replenish set to defaut active on apprentice
no more fixed start locations
disruption ward replaced with Disruption target unit ability
land Consumption revised
units of player show leave now become rescuable
replaced Demolish icon
fixed Torpedo diabled icon and changed Chomp icon
re-balanced naval units
altar of Teron significantly weakened
small AI improvements
updated race hints
map size reduced drastically
improved masonry nerfed

removed a tree that was in the water - Done
fix altar of teron death animation - Done
rename forces to coninside with post third war lore - Done
update to latest patch - Done

fix Reclaim - Done
tweak easy and insane AI - Done
further revise Mystic Isles - Done

buff naval, make BS's able to kill destroyers - Done
nerf dragons breath - Done
fix suggested players -Done
fix lag - Done
fix broken disbtn in Mystic Isles - Done
remove eye of truth - Done

fix ogre description - Done
change revenge hotkey to Q - Done
add 2 more player slots - Done
further revise Turtle Rock and Mystic Isles - Done
replace Unholy Armor with Unholy Spikes -Done
add Rain of Chaos and Ancient Guardian to DK and Mage (removed Invisibility) - Done
add camera commands - Done
fix slow icon, it was supposed to be autocast - Done
re-arrange DK and Mage spell buttons - Done
Dk and Mage can now be trained at tier 2 - Done
add Revival to Paladins - Done
further improve AI - Done
give heroes class based auras - Done

AI now uses Altar of Teron - Done
Replace Displacement with Disruption Ward - Done
Replace Shackles with Monsoon - Done
Redo AI and create one for every setting (6 total) - Done
Add ally/unally commands - Done
Add camera commands - Done
Further unit/spell balance changes, far to many to list - Done
New maps, use of modified Blizzard maps Turtle Rock and Mystic Isles - Done
New elven destroyer model - Done
Units will now "starve" to death if using more food than is being produced - Done
Neutral shop, Trader - Done

Atar of Teron spelled wrong - Done
Remove upper naval units - Done
Replace shrubs - Done
Redo tower pathing - Done
Add more doodads - Done
Remove Elven Quay/Troll Berth - Done
Fix hero names - Done
Nerf naval units HP - Done
Remove center creeps on Lake, rock off - Done
Change Dragon back to red - Done
Replace orc destroyer skin - Done
Change boat vioces to default - Done
change player colors - Done
Replace weapon upgrade icons - Done
Harden AI - Done
Make Mage and Death Knight unarmored - Done
Lower mana regen rate for Paladin/Magi - Done
Remove hero abilities and increase base HP - Done
Fix armor upgrade tooltips - Done
Decrease pathing size of naval buildings - Done
Waeken Altar of Teron HP - Done
Make Healing instant and heal for 225 HP - Done
Decrease Land Consumption to 40% heal from 60% - Done
Both maps FFA - Done
Add ally system - Done

Nerf naval units health overall - Done
Replace Ogre Mound with WC2 Altar of Storms - Done
Remove Gazlowe and Kronous - Done
Re-balance air units - Done
Completely redo terrain - Done
Lower build time for all units/buildings/upgrades - Done
Implement WC2 style heroes - Done
Add AI (ground) - Done
Redo Information contents - Done

Many dozens of smaller changes.

Fix the shackel and mage tooltip bugs - Done
Fix the steam tank upgrade bug - Done
Add hero like units, 3 per race, one passive ability per hero - Done
Work on terrain - Done
Add Adamant for Humans - Done
Fix tooltip bug on Troll Berth - Done
Add item store, Marketplace - Done
Fix Alter of Teron multi-cast bug - Done
Replace Troll Axe Thrower skin - Done
Shipyards now cost the same as Barracks - Done
Footmen and Grunts now cost less gold - Done
Food limit now 200 - Done
Melee Attack and Armor upgrades cost less - Done
Add Gazlowe and Kronous - Done
Mine can now have two workers - Done
Tech levels significanlty more expensive - Done
Fix Alter of Teron no death bug - Done
Work on terrain - Done

Many other small adjustments far to numerous to list.

-Rebalance all ground units - Done
-Add "Alter of Teron" to Necrolyte - Done
-Remove Grenadier - Done
-Add "Ensnare" to Goblin Blaster - Done
-Resize wall models - Done
-Replace Temple of the Damned soundset - Done
-Buff "Blizzard" and "Death and Decay" - Done
-Redo terrain - Done
-Weaken battleships and destroyers - Done
-Add Goblin Barge - Done
-Squish Giant Sea Turtle model - Done (Saved about 55kb)
-Destoyers now attack air - Done
-Reduce wall costs - Done
-Replace Ogre Mound model - Done
-Rebalance Dragon and Gryphon - Done (Both are no Light armor with Magic attack damage)
-Fix a hotkey conflict in the Human build que - Done
-Import new wall models - Done
-Decrease primary fire recharge on Arrow and Bombard tower by .5 seconds - Done
-Replace Fire Shield with Revenge of Quel'tallas - Done
-Reduce cost of Paladin and Magi upgrades - Done

-Remove remaining hero aspects - Done
-Complete AI - Done
-Added Bombard and Arrow towers - Done
-Replace Rifleman with Archer - Done
-Fix numerous description bugs - Done
-Fix Torpedo bug - Done
-Remove Goblin Workshop - Done
-Remove Disease Purveyor - Done
-Remove Goblin Blitzer - Done
-Replace Temple of the Damned model - Done
-Add Grenadier - Done
-Replace Troll Submerger with Giant Sea Turtle - Done
-Add Ballista - Done
-Remove Energy Tower - Done
-Buff base human towers - Done
-Lower bounty on Pirate creeps - Done
-Remove item shops - Done
-Rename secondary construction units - Done
-Resort construction lists - Done
-Remove unused resources - Done
-Cut build time for all structures by 50% - Done
-Cheapen naval unit costs - Done
-Make Town Hall and Great Hall only require Barracks - Done
-Remove Salve Wagon - Done
-Add Ensnarement Barge - Done
-Squish all unsquished models - Done
-Update to 1.21b - Done

-Fix torpedo targeting issue - Done
-Add AI - In progress
-Add "hero" units - Done
-Human sea building item issue - Done
-Remove inventory from units - Done
-Look through credit list and remove those that arent used anymore - Done
-Fix Farm bug - Done
-Add "Cleaving Attack" to Footmen - Done
-Replace "Sea Charge" model - Done
-Reduce Purifier hp and increase Ravager hp - Done
-Reduce Ravager and Purifier cost - Done
-Rework loading screen - Done
-Add last abilities for hero units - Done
-Refine naval unit sound sets - Done
-Replace Rifleman with Archer - Cancelled
-Make Disease non-homing - Done
-Redo sound sets for naval units - Done
-Fix Necrolyte bugs - Done
-Replace any non JASS hero abilities - Done
-Interconnect islands - Done
-Replace Goblin Workshop model - Done
-Change so when a player leaves their units become neutral hostile - Done
-Redo "player" has left message - Done
-Add battle horn when first combat unit is created - Done
-Fix various grammar errors - Done
-Replace "Time Stop" model - Done
-Add new item shop and "taven - Done
-Add Faceless Void as neutral hero - Done
-Redo terrain - Done
-Replace Goblin Workshop model - Done

-Remove all non-custom heroes - Done
-Add naval heroes (1 per race) - Cancelled
-Redo "Runes" ability - Done
-Remove "Blood Seal", "Boil Corpse", "Crimson and Blessed Hammer" - Done
-Remove Farseer, Paladin Champion, Voodoo Priest, Bloodmage, Archmage and all neutral heroes except for the Draenei Influencer - Done
-Moved the Tiki Ice Mage to the Tavern - Done
-Remove all heroes - Done
-Redo various icons to conform with Blizzards - Done
-Rework terrian - Done
-Remove all custom hero ability data that isn't going to be used - Done
-Fix various icons - Done
-Remove item spawns except for health, mana, and gold - Done
-Add "Ravager" and "Purifier" - Done
-Add teamcolor versions of Goblin Blitzer and Blaster - Done
-Update map dialogue - Done

-Redid terrian
-Removed Kodo Beast, Raider, Voidwalker, Rock Golem, Steam Shredder, Goblin Shredder
-Fixed bug where refresh time on submarines and submergers was not working correctly
-Made Energy Towers and Heavy Towers into upgrades for basic towers
-Made pirate creeps weaker
-Replaced "Scattershot" on the Dwarven Sniper with "Bayonet"
-Land mines now cost 400 gold and have three charges instead of six
-Cannabalize upgrade now in Barracks
-Redid "Freezing Strike"
-Replaced "Cabalist Combustion" with "Land Consumption"
-Fixed Pig Farm desc.
-Fixed Orc Barracks desc.
-Fixed Sappers desc.
-Fixed Blitzer desc.
-Fixed Demo Squad desc.
-Removed custom Orc Death Knight model
-Removed "Mass Impale"
-Colorized player defeated and victorious messages
-New spell author credit list:

Arctic Fury - Vexorian
Black Hole -
Blessed Hammer - Vexorian
Blood Seal - Leopard
Charge - Vexorian
Corpse Explosion -
Displacement - w3catlegio
Energy Wave - Nantuko Husk
Flaming Shield - Vexorian
Force Dampen(Dampen) -
Inferno - Vexorian
Sea Charge - Moyack
Summon Kraken - Moyack
Mind Distortion - Vexorian
Land Consumption - Rising_Dusk
Pandoras Box(Pandoras Keg) -
Plague -
Rolling Axe(Pulverize) - emjlr3
Stone Prison - Darky28
Time Stop - Vexorian
Volcano - Vexorian

-Reduced cost of naval units
-Made "Charge" unable to affect trees
-Changed "Enrage" percent damage bonus from 1% to 8%
-Replaced "Liquid Spear" with "Sea Charge"
-Fixed "Enrage" damage bonus
-Made sure no aura spell affects mechanical units
-Replaced "Tornado" with "Summon Kraken" on Naga Sea Witch
-Made workers hold twice the lumber
-Added AI - Comming soon thanks to Moyack
-Made "Death and Decay" not affect trees
-Updated to Caster System 13.9
-Changed Farm model
-Replaced "War Stomp" with "Roar of Terror"
-Added one level lumber upgrade for Orcs
-Removed "Reflection Shield"
-Replaced "Pulverize" icon
-Reverted to original human barracks model
-Removed Spirit Walker and Blood Elf Lieutenant, replace with Necrolyte and Salve Wagon
-"Torpedo" now has a chance to miss
-Added Wall and Palisade
-Buffed both Foundry units HP
-Removed "Magic Armor" upgrade from both races
-Renamed Paladin hero to "Paladin Champion"

-Replaced the Tauren Chieftan with the Ogre Lord
-Changed "Rolling Axe" to "Pulverize"
-Changed all ship impact Z heights to -10.0 and sub launch Z heights to -50.0 (This is to create the illusion that the submarines projectile is fired from underwater and impacts underwater.)
-Added "Torpedo" ability to Gnomish Submarines and "Liquid Spear" ability to Troll Submergers
-Updated the caster system
-Fixed Pandaren Brewmaster ability list in F9 information
-Fixed Warlock "Possession" description in naval version
-Both maps now preload all custom spells for better performance on first time casts

-Revised Runes description
-Added hero glow to Warlock in naval version
-Added "Pandoras Keg" to Pandaren Brewmaster
-Fixed "Time Stop" description
-Reworked "Headshot"
-Added creep camp to non naval version
-Added "Sentry Ward" to Fortress in naval version
-Fixed Wardens stock max in naval version
-Set Glyph of Ominiscience to 1000 gold in naval version

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