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Default Cinematic System

A Jass system designed for cinematic composing and playback.

It grants the mapmaker more control and precision in manipulating units, special effects and cameras than is possible with regular GUI triggers.

The system was first used in the Blizzard's cinematic contest winner, The Spirit of Vengeance made by me and iNfraNe.

Version History

Version 1.5b
- Made the system compatible with Warcraft patch 1.24

Version 1.5
- Added subtitle display function for movie-like subtitles
- Added unshaded fade filters, see the "other engines" chapter for more detail
- Added a lock-camera-on-unit feature for camera position and camera facing
- Added a function to the script system for changing individual camera properties
- Tweaked the camera movement to be more precise over uneven terrain
- Did some more optimisation on the particle system

Version 1.4
- Added a fog engine for gradual changes of fog distance and colour
- Redid the particle and camera systems so they should run faster
- - the particle system can now only work with units that are actors
- - you mustn't change the unit custom value of actors for the system to work
- Added unit scaling support to the particle and scripting systems
- The camera trigger can now be turned on or off, for use in playable maps
- Did some more optimisation to the script system functions

Version 1.3
- Did some performance optimisation; thanks to Vexorian for pointing some things out.

Version 1.2
- First public release

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